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40k Alchemy: Lost At Sea!

Today's title has two meanings. I wanted to upload this sooner, but life conspired against me. So here it is...

Any object can be broken down into components. These components can then be rebuilt as something new. Tabletop games have a shedload of components, and the best thing is they can all be understood by humans with no need for formulae. Therefore, these components can be made into many things. It's a similar concept to Expansions, but on a smaller scale. This is 40k Alchemy, where I transmute existing rules into other weird and fun things. And the best thing is, anyone can do it!

Transmutation The First: The Naval Battle

Ideas used: Spearhead, the Attack Move, Flyers

The Rules:

Naval Battles can be played on a standard 6x4 board. Scenery is not necessary, or even normal (although you could use hills as islands and suchlike)

Each player builds an army out of 5 unit types: Attack Boat, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship, Bomber. You cannot have more air units than you have sea unit…

It's the Movement Phase. Should I Attack?

Picture: Ahrimaneus' Gaming Blog

The Movement Phase has seen a gradual shift in recent times. Previously, all you did was move in it. The possibility of attack was there in the form of Tank Shock, but that did one of two things; make someone flee or politely ask them to step aside. It didn't do any damage whatsoever, in fact it was far more likely to do you damage.

Go a little forward, and Phil Kelly writes the newest Ork Codex. This Codex contains the BigBomm, an attack made on a unit moved over by a Jetbike unit. We'll come back to this.

5th Edition. Ramming. An attack proper for vehicles, although Ork Trukks could do it too with a Reinforced Ram, which also temporarily boosted front armour. Again, that's important.

So, Dark Eldar, by Phil Kelly. A large fuss is made over Pain Tokens, but in a way it's not the most significant mechanic in the book. Nope, that honour goes to the prominence of the Movement Attack. The Raider and Ravager could both ram with incredible …