So just what have I accomplished this year?

A fair bit, I think. The last 12 months on blogging have had a sporadic structure, with a lot of ad hoc entries and later evolved into having articles propers. I have produced around 20 rules entries, with one for every race bar Daemons and Necrons, who are harder to write for in some ways. I have reviewed 3 FW entries, created a new army structure which I hope to get back to and modify further at some point, created 2 scenarios and some minor work.

Outwith RM I created the Angels of Secrecy Codex, an unholy cocktail of Sisters, Marines and Eldar and did some of the work on Spec Ops Killzone, a shining example of what teamwork can achieve over a moderate period of time. I also did a sort-of Dark Eldar Codex and even managed to get a few things right (I put flyers in, although I was sad the Raven didn't make the proper Dex.)

But why? What is the point of all this? Well, it's capability. In my beginnings as a hobbyist I, over time, found I had a soft spot for pretty much every race in the game bar spin-off Marines (BA may change this), and I wanted to be sure I could cover everything. Over time I've built up a sizeable folio of ruleswork, which as a collective whole shows what I can do, and hopefully proves that I am a competent designer.

If you look at my most early entry, you'll find it to be pretty bland and uninspiring stuff, but in more recent times doing all these sporadic entries and watching how GW's own stuff has evolved, I'm starting to take more risks and change more things around. Ravenor, A-2, the Soul Prison, all much more complex and playing around more with mechanics.

This site dragged me out of the niche I had to occupy before, and gave me more scope and a wider audience. The future will be different, less sporadity and more serious articles, but I'll probably do a few more for fun. Now, I have three exams in two days to study for. I'll return in March.

Next time, I'll kill all your troops in the Movement Phase!


The Herald said…
Rules Manufactorum has been awesome to watch for the last year, and I must admit i'm really interested in how units such as, say, the Soul Prison will be updated for the new codexes out right now.

Good luck with your exams. :)
Master Bryss said…
Wait, you mean this Soul Prison ( I thought I did mod it for Pain Tokens and suchlike...

Thanks. They're only prelims sure, but how the feth they expect me to write a full essay in 22.5 minutes is beyond me.