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Ork Dakkaboss

Although most Orks rise to power by krumpin' each other, there exist a few who, upon ascension to power, will instead pick up an 'uge gun and use that. These Dakkabosses are most prevalent among the Bad Moons and Deffskullz, where such magnificent dakka is most appreciated, and generally last until someone builds a bigger gun, upon which point the Boss is either shot to pieces or has the good sense to change weapon again.

This item will serve to allow Bad Moons and Deffskullz type armies more fluffiness and also create a method to make Flash Gitz more viable by allowing them an alternate way into an army. Apologies for the blurry table, but hey, I've got one now!

A Dakkaboss is a HQ choice for Ork armies.
Cost: 70 points

Unit Type: Infantry

Unit Composition: 1

Wargear: Choppa, stikkbombz, twin-linked shoota, 2 Ammo Runts

Kustom Armour: Kustom armour is a suit of Mega armour modified to include even more guns. A Dakkaboss with Kustom armour gains a 2+ save, always counts as moving…

Letter to the Codex Project

I was recently made aware of a new frontier in the land of 40k rules development. Some of the great minds of homebrew documents have formed a group called "The Codex Project" - a fansite with a very similar directive to that of RM's. I am excited to find others that share our interest in this pursuit and that seem equally committed to producing rules of the highest quality.

In the site's homepage you'll find a statement outlining TCP's goals. What stuck out to me was the discussion of "Certification" - the creation of a group or "Council" dedicated to overseeing the creative process thus bestowing credibiliy to any TCP rulesets.

Here is my post in response to this topic:

Hello TCP,

Atrotos here, author of Codex: Stellan Hoplites and founder of Rules Manufactorum. You can google either of those, I won't plug links into this post but it may help people understand who I am and how committed I am to designing rules and background that enhanc…

Warhammer 40k Update

aka 'Where'd I put those Deathwing Models?'



Just Wow.

In case you live under a rock. On Europa. What happened was Jervis Johnson was maimed in a horrible bear/singularity/hysterically oversized black rubber phallic shaped adult toy... accident and the Dark Angels were set free from 4.5 edition codex design. 

Ok that's not exactly it. Basically GW simply decided that folks had bought just about all the Space Wolves and Blood Angels they needed and that Space Marine sales could use a boost. Since the Dark Angels and Black Templars weren't going to be updated any time soon, why not make them the best armies in the game in a four paragraph update? 

Well... that's not it either, at least I'm not convinced that's all of it. To me it seems that GW is basking in the glory of a successful "high-risk" release. The Dark Eldar had been postponed for years for fear that they would not draw the sales that GW needed to carry them until their next power…

11th Co. Podcast to Feature Interview about the Stellan Hoplites

Happy New Year Everyone!

Just before the end of the last decade I released a very early version of my own Codex: Stellan Hoplites looking for some feedback from the community. Shortly thereafter Pat Higgins invited me to talk about the project on an upcoming episode of the 11th Company Podcast. If you haven't already checked out the show make sure to do so and keep an ear out for that disarmingly charming, manly voice belonging to yours truly.