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Dark Eldar Soul Prison

Well, it's been a while. Festive period and all that. So, as my last entry for the year, I'm updating a unit I made almost a year ago (and Atrotos' favourite unit from the Dark Eldar Codex I did), the Soul Prison. I should also note that I don't know how to do tables in this yet. Bear with me until I get somewhere. The myriad of unfortunate fates awaiting Dark Eldar prisoners are many. Some are thrown into the arena and made to fight. Some must attend to the pleasures of their new masters. But an unfortunate few face the dreaded Extraction, a rare technique whereby their soul is removed and placed in a casket along with other souls. This casket can then be used as a power source for the Soul Prisons, strange constructs made as a mocking facsimile of the Wraithlords of the Craftworlds. In battle, they actively seek new souls to join them in the vain hope that once enough are gathered they will be set free. A Soul Prison is a Heavy Support choice in a Dark Eldar army. Cost:…

Codex: Stellan Hoplites

Today is a big day! As my early Christmas present to the blogosphere I am finally making an early version of Codex: Stellan Hoplites available to the public. I've worked very, very hard on this and I hope all of our followers will take the time to peruse it and leave their thoughts. 

I'm looking for feedback on anything you care to comment on. From rules issues to whether I've used my apostrophes correctly. The Codex is as yet incomplete but the rules have passed the first stage of playtesting and are ready to enter the beta stage. There's more artwork and background to be included as well as pictures of the models themselves.

Have at it folks.