Shas’O Ka’La in Marlin Warmech

This beautiful creature was entered into the Open category at Golden Demon UK 2010. Whoever made it is a G’Od

Rules by Master Bryss

When Shas’O Ka’La’s Crisis Battlesuit was destroyed during the Battle of Este V, his ejection system left him stranded in what was left of the battlefield. His army was massacred and the only survivors he found were a few Earth Caste members who had hid in the safety of their bunker until the battle was over. They surveyed what was left of the battle and realised that a lot of the debris could be easily restored to working order. After many days of work, they created a truly unique war machine, dubbed it the Marlin and allowed Ka’La to operate it. The machine subsequently destroyed the nearby Imperial forces and was extracted by the Air Caste. Ka’La was later given command of an army again and has henceforth led his forces from the seat of this mighty behemoth.

The Marlin can be used in a Tau force as a HQ choice. It counts as the 1+ Commander the army must take.

Cost: 220 points

Vehicle Type: Walker

Wargear: Hammerhead Railgun, Blacksun Filter, Multi-Tracker, Long Barrelled Burst Cannon, Energy Absorption Field

Long Barrelled Burst Cannon: Has the following profile:

Range: 36”      Strength: 5      AP: 5    Type: Heavy 6

Energy Absorption Field: The Marlin Warsuit has a 5+ Invulnerable Save. 

Special Rules: Jet Propulsion, Behemoth

Jet Propulsion: The Marlin’s jetpack allows it more mobility but not as much as a conventional Battlesuit jetpack. The Marlin may move D6” in the Assault Phase.

Behemoth: The Marlin’s bulk allows it to attack as a Monstrous Creature in close combat.


Atrotos said…
Lol "G'Od"

The fluff is perfect for the model. It looks just like some stroke of genius under the pressure of desperation.

I think you've overpriced it. I gather you were trying to err on the side of caution but this model, beautiful though it might be, is still one melta shot away from oblivion.I'm thinking it should fall closer to the 200 point mark and have some kind of built in defensive measure (5+ invulnerable save?) since it doesn't have wounds and drones like regular battlesuits.
Master Bryss said…
Very much on the side of caution, and it didn't help that I was looking at Vect rumours at the time. 220 points and a Shield Generator that provides a 5+ Inv all round.
Gotthammer said…
'tis mad by Fil Dunn of 'eavy Metal fame. He's made several others as well.