Colonel Kerch of the Armageddon Steel Legion

Rules by Master Bryss

When Ghazghkull Thraka descended upon Armageddon for the third time, the young Kerch immediately signed up to joined the fight against him. Assigned to an Armoured Fist squad at first, the young Kerch rose through the ranks and made Colonel at the age of 35. His firm belief in leading from the front has resulted in him leading hundreds of mechanised assaults, refining his tactics each time as well as perfecting his famed Armoured Barrage Drill.

One Company Commander in the army can be replaced with Kerch for +70 points. His squad MUST take a Chimera (see Transport for cost).


Unit type: Infantry (unique)


  •  Carapace Armour
  •  Bolt Pistol
  •  Power Weapon
  •  Frag grenades
  •  Refractor field
Special Rules:

  • Senior Officer
  • Mechanised Regiment

Senior Officer: Kerch may issue up to two orders each turn with a command radius of 12”. He may give orders to units mounted in a Chimera. He can use the following orders: Bring It Down!, Fire on my Target!, First Rank, FIRE! Second Rank, FIRE!, Incoming! and Move! Move! Move! In addition he may use the following unique order:
Unleash hell!: At Kerch’s order, his troopers launch a torrent of fire from     their Chimera transports. If the order is successfully used, the ordered unit makes a Shooting attack with all eligible squad members, ignoring the number of Fire Points on their Chimera.

Mechanised Regiment: The Armageddon Steel Legion often utilises Armoured Fist squads instead of the platoon structure.
In armies containing Kerch, Infantry squads may be bought on their own, as a single Troops choice. However, units bought in this way MUST be mounted in a Chimera.

Notes on Orders: When issuing Orders to units in Transports, the usual restrictions apply. You may not issue an order to a unit whose transport moved at Cruising Speed in that Movement Phase. I would also advise you not to tell mounted units to Move! Move! Move! or to make them go to ground with Incoming!, as these orders are useless inside of a transport.


Atrotos said…
I like this character but he is rather bland in my opinion. Access to 'Assault Ramps' for Chimerae might make him more exciting though I don't know what kind of balance issues that may open up. Not many I think because there's only so much damage 12 GEQ's can do but there are GK allies and such to consider.
Master Bryss said…
Why would you install an assault ramp when you can only get out of the back of the vehicle?
Anonymous said…
"I would also advise you not to tell mounted units to Move! Move! Move! or to make them go to ground with Incoming!, as these orders are useless inside of a transport."

This reminds me of when an Irish flight attendant informed us passengers that "if you are caught smoking on this plane you will be asked to leave."
Master Bryss said…
I'm sure I commented, but it's gone. Try again.

Assault Ramps? On the back of a vehicle? That's pretty radical. GK allies or tooled up Straken squad are possible users though.

And I suppose Irish people are supposed to have a sense of humour, or is that just a select few with the gift?
Atrotos said…
Master Bryss: Nonsensical? Maybe. But it's been done before. I believe the Blood Angels had them on their rhinos (perhaps having a side ramp makes all the difference?). In game terms it hardly makes a difference since there is no limitation on pivoting the vehicle after it's move. It might look a little funny but it's deadly.
Master Bryss said…
Assaulting out the sides makes a great deal more sense than exposing your most vulnerable side to the enemy.