Game Developer's Conference: Cologne, Germany

At the time of this writting I'm waiting for a connecting flight to take me from Munich to Cologne. I'm off to the European Game Developers Conference to follow several days of educational lectures delivered by the game industry's most successful personas. After that it's a couple of days wandering around GamesCon with my mouth open like Venus fly trap.

What this means for you readers is posts will likely be scarce this week and will have little to do with 40k (but everything to do with Rules Manufactorum). This is a great pilgrimage and one that all aspiring developers should make.

If all goes well I should walk away with more game design experience than ever before. If I'm really lucky I'll be skipping like a school girl away with a brand new job offer and the beginning of career.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Comment if you're going as well. I'd love to meet some of you in person.


Happy trails, Atrotos.
Master Bryss said…
Have a good trip, hope you benefit from it somehow.