Bellos, Captain of the Damned

Rules by Master Bryss

Among the Legion of the Damned there exists one who travels alone as a maverick of justice. Self-styled Captain of the Damned, Bellos will often rally gather other Legion members, and use them to aid particularly small Imperial defences. Although in reality he is but a mere Sergeant, he behaves as if he were the last surviving Commander of what was once his Chapter.

Cost...160 points

Unit: 1 (unique)
Unit Type: Infantry
  • Power Armour 
  • Frag and krak grenades 
  • Bolt Pistol with Dragonfire rounds
  • Deathblaze
Deathblaze: Bellos’ warsword is a master-crafted Power Weapon that allows the owning player to re-roll all failed To Wound rolls caused by him in Close Combat.

Special Rules:
  •  Fearless
  •  Furious Charge
  •  Unyielding Spectre (as Legion of the Damned entry)
  • Chapter Tactics: Legion of the Damned

Chapter Tactics: The Legion operates in a radically different way to a normal Space Marine Chapter. Army rules are as follows:

  • Vehicles, Special Characters, Chapter Masters, Chaplains, Librarians, Techmarines, Masters of the Forge, Terminator Armour, Scout Armour, Bikes and Jump Packs cannot be used.
  • All Tactical Squads, Sternguard Veteran Squads and Devastator squads gain the Slow and Purposeful special rule.
  • All units gain the Aid Unlooked For special rule as detailed in the Legion of the Damned Squad.
  • The Legion of the Damned Squad entry can be used as Elites, Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Support, and are referred to as Spectre Veterans to differentiate them from standard Legionnaires.
  • Legion of the Damned reinforcements may be rolled for beginning on turn one with subsequent turns decreasing the roll required as normal.


Atrotos said…
Deathblaze doesn't make much sense as is - what did you mean for it to say Bryss?

Bellos seems overpriced. I suspect that's meant to cover the price of having an all ethereal army but the LotD are overpriced already so I don't think it's necessary.

Shame also that this character has to make do with a Bolt Pistol but alas, metal models...
Max said…
Yes, Deathblaze needs to be rewritten. Unless you intended for the strange curse of having the opponent reroll your dice to wound his own character...

I also agree that he is pretty overpriced, especially for someone lacking a captain's profile. You are also giving up a ton for his chapter tactics- slow and purposeful heavy weapons, while useful, are often not as useful as some nice AV 11 cover.
Master Bryss said…
Deathblaze is essentially an MC lightning claw that lets you still get another attack for the BP. So re-rolls wounds.

I think I need to rework a couple of things, so bear with me. Proposed edits:

As part of the Chapter Tactics, you may start rolling for your reserves in Turn 1, arriving on a 4+.

Give the Bolt Pistol Dragonfire Bolts.

Reduce his cost to...something. Gut says 160, although feel free to go higher or lower.
Atrotos said…
Fixed. Thanks Bryss.