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Codex Review: John Venegas’ Space Marine Fandex, Part 2

As promised here is part two of John Venegas' Space Marine Fandex. As stated in the previous review John's dex focuses on creating options for all of the Space Marine Chapters using only one comprehensive document. This part will focus on John's unit entries and their options. Just as with the first installment I have to say that this second half of the codex is an exciting read because it's everything you want the marine codex to be. 

A lot of thought, time and effort has gone into this armylist and it does have everything. In the interest of time I'm going to switch to bullet point mode so that I can cover most of the details without skipping anything vital.

There are 30 unit entries in this armylist. This is notable because, as far as I can tell, the list covers all of the current options across all of the Space Marine codecies (and then some). It does this without using a single special character. A great accomplishment and perhaps the best single characteristic …

Quick Update

Okay some small changes: Rules Manufactorum is now - no .blogspot nonsense
and I have a new blog that's dedicated to gaming and game design in general. If you play games other than Warhammer (and there's even some Warhammer articles coming) drop on by and leave a comment. My first article is going up today:

Review: Big Jim's 'Special Operations - Killzone'

Hey guys, special treat for you today! Big Jim's forays into the world of rules design have produced another success. His latest release, 'Special Operations: Killzone' is a blast to play and comes highly recommended from Rules Manufactorum. Here's what my first playtest notes have yielded:

The rules themselves are a breeze to read through being just 6 pages long. Jim really makes the most of the core ruleset which makes Killzone very 'rules-light' - if you can play 40k you can play Killzone with next to no extra effort. This touches on a design theory of mine that people prefer rules expansions and additions to rule revisions. Although there are several core rules that get overturned in Killzone it maintains that approachable quality that purely revisionist rules tend to lack. 

This is also due to the common-sense approach that Jim has exercised in the rules that he opted to change. Simplification of the Run and Difficult Terrain mechanic have allowed him to exp…

“Sandbox” Army- Chaos Space Marines

Rules by Master Bryss his comments in red
Letting the renegades have their fun. I’m going to be slightly more adventurous this time with other Codicies being thrown in.
In your army you must include a HQ choice and at least two Scoring Units. Armies may include: ·1-3 HQ units ·0-4 Elites ·0-8 Troops ·0-4 Fast Attack ·0-4 Heavy Support
A Chaos Space Marines army will always have access to the following units:
Chaos Lord (may not take Terminator armour)Chaos Space Marine squad (Scoring unit)·Chaos Rhino

Game Developer's Conference: Cologne, Germany

At the time of this writting I'm waiting for a connecting flight to take me from Munich to Cologne. I'm off to the European Game Developers Conference to follow several days of educational lectures delivered by the game industry's most successful personas. After that it's a couple of days wandering around GamesCon with my mouth open like Venus fly trap.

What this means for you readers is posts will likely be scarce this week and will have little to do with 40k (but everything to do with Rules Manufactorum). This is a great pilgrimage and one that all aspiring developers should make.

If all goes well I should walk away with more game design experience than ever before. If I'm really lucky I'll be skipping like a school girl away with a brand new job offer and the beginning of career.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Comment if you're going as well. I'd love to meet some of you in person.

Codex Review: John Venegas’ Space Marine Fandex, Part 1

Hey guys, today Rules Manufactorum has the pleasure of reviewing a very comprehensive set of custom rules designed with the purpose of giving all those guys in power armor one single document from which to build an armylist. I have mixed feelings about this document. While the quality of the rules is unquestionably high it does go to some length editing very basic rules many of which are fundamental to the game.

Here's a link to John Venegas' Space Marine Fandex.
As with any set of custom rules presentation plays a large role in this intimidatingly thorough document. There is no decoration or embellishment to be found in this fandex but a careful formatting makes this codex far easier to navigate than would be imagined given the length. I was pleased to find also, that such details as special rules summaries are presented in full in their respective parts of the codex rather than the tedious “see pg X with page X directing you to page y” [the official Marine dex is …

Bellos, Captain of the Damned

Rules by Master Bryss
Among the Legion of the Damned there exists one who travels alone as a maverick of justice. Self-styled Captain of the Damned, Bellos will often rally gather other Legion members, and use them to aid particularly small Imperial defences. Although in reality he is but a mere Sergeant, he behaves as if he were the last surviving Commander of what was once his Chapter.
Cost...160 points WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv 5 4 4 4 2 5