Eldar Supreme Autarch

Eldar Autarch with Fusion Gun

Rules by Master Bryss
Eldar Supreme Autarch
Autarchs are masters of war and tactics. Well, they were. With the advent of one U. Creed, they look a bit pathetic, especially now that Strategy Ratings are obsolete. Therefore I am redoing the Autarch. No new fluff, as technically this isn’t a new unit, just updating an old one.
Cost: 100 points

Unit: 1
Unit Type: Infantry (Jetbike if on a Jetbike, Jump Infantry with Swooping Hawk Wings or a Warp Jump Generator)

·        Shuriken Pistol
·        Close Combat Weapon
·        Plasma Grenades
·        Haywire Grenades
·        Forceshield (4+ Invulnerable Save)

Special Rules:
·        Independent Character
·        Fleet of Foot
·        Master Strategist
·        Master of Aspects
Master Strategist: Autarchs are able to command their units in perfect synchronity and never commit their forces until they are sure of the correct moment. While the Autarch is alive, add +1 to your reserve rolls. If a unit is eligible to arrive from reserve it may arrive on that turn or you may choose to deploy it in the next turn, with no other rolls needed. If a unit is entering play by Outflank you may always choose which board edge they enter from. If you choose to delay a unit and the Autarch dies before it arrives, the unit still automatically enters that turn.
Master of Aspects: An Autarch has embarked upon many paths in the past, including the Path of the Warrior. At the start of a game, choose an Aspect (the Autatch must hold an item from that Aspect). The Autarch will benefit from Exarch powers from that Aspect for that game. For example, if your Autarch has mandiblasters and an Avenger shuriken catapult, he may benefit from either Striking Scorpion or Dire Avenger powers.

·        Give the Autarch:
o       Banshee mask...+3 points
o       Mandiblasters...+10 points
o       Melta bombs...+5 points
·        Replace shuriken pistol with:
o       Avenger shuriken catapult...+2 points
o       Lasblaster...+1 point
o       Death spinner or Ranger long rifle...+5 points
o       Fusion gun...+10 points
o       Reaper launcher...+25 points
·        Replace shuriken pistol or close combat weapon with:
o       Scorpion Chainsword...+5 points
o       Power weapon...+10 points
o       Laser lance (Jetbike only)...+20 points
·        Give the Autarch one of the following:
o       Swooping Hawk wings...+20 points
o       Warp jump generator...+25 points
o       Eldar Jetbike...+30 points
·        Make the Autarch a Psyker...+10 points
o       Give the Autarch a Warlock psychic power...+ cost of chosen power


Master Bryss said…
Aren't we forgetting something?

The way I looked at this one is to emphasise careful planning and allow the player to use reserves in a massed strike. I originally made them show up any turn after they were rolled, but cancelled this as your opponent was a bit fethed if you went second, all-reserved and showed up on Turn 5.
sabreu said…
This update is just ok in my opinion. I feel the Master of Aspects rule is misplaced: Autarchs are on the path of command, and though versed in warrior aspect training would focus more on command and control than warrior abilities. I would suggest a buffer-bubble ability instead. Maybe a leadership ability (granting stubborn, +1 to rolls, etc) or a once per game effect (units within 12" may gain Fearless, Counter-Attack, Relentless, etc for one round). This would vibe better in my opinion and cement him as a the general he aught to be.

As a minor complaint, I really feel giving the Autarch access to warlock powers is a bad idea. It really dilutes the defining qualities of the two units. This is my personal taste, really.