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Email In: Character Creation

Hey there, My local GW is having an event called "The Warding."  It is a celebration of the love that Mat (one t) Ward is currently getting from the higher-ups at GW.  After the release of the BA codex, the manager thought that everyone should be able to have a "fun" character of their very own.  What we are doing is this; create a stat line for a model, write a few paragraphs of background on your model, build and paint said model, and then incorporate the model into your 1500 pt army for a 3 round tournament.  I cannot tell how fun the Warding has been so far; some of the ideas getting kicked around the store are amazing!  I found your blog because of this.  Now the reason I am sending you an e-mail.  I am totally stumped?!?  For the life of me I cannot figure out how to create my character.  If you could help out I would welcome any help and or advice you could give. I play a lot of different armies, but my love is the Daemon-Hunters and the Inquisition.  Therefore …

The Tale of Kelraxus Half-blade

Chapter 1 of John Venegas' 'Tale of Kelraxus Half-blade'.

“All power to starboard thrusters!  Keep the ship in orbit!”  Marshal Devlan maintained his composure and spoke with authority, but even he could not keep all hints of worry from his voice.
The servitor that replied spoke in a monotone devoid of concern- “Negative, Lord Marshal.  The ship is caught in the planet’s gravity fluctuations.  Impact in three minutes.”
“Damnation.  Fight, you mindless whelp,” Devlan roared.  “Use what little intelligence you have to die with the Emperor’s name on your tongue.”
“All hail the Emperor of Man,” the servitor replied coldly before returning to its duties.
Devlan sat back in his command-throne, pondering his next move.  Though he remained as motionless as a statue, his enhanced mind raced over the details of the situation.  The world below was covered in a multi-hued landscape and crawled with armies large enough to be seen from orbit.  The circumstances were grave indeed.  He punched…

Best of the Best

I'd like to use this post to invite a new category to the blog: Fan Fiction. It's a difficult pursuit that requires dedication and patience as well as skill with the written word. If you are working on a personal project be it extended background for your army or a thousand verse epic feel free to send it to me. I'll kick us off with an old short story written about the mysterious Stellan Hoplites. 

Best of the Best  by Atrotos

Sergeant Drade was uncomfortable. His parade uniform was over-starched and the ribbon that held the medal clasped around his neck was too short and too tight for comfort. He was very much aware of how the temperature in the room had risen in the last hour as more and more celebrities, nobles, officers and other notables had elbowed their way into the banquet hall eager to see but even more determined to be seen in this momentous occasion. Tonight the most esteemed Stellan families could mingle with the heroic members of the Stellanhoplites fresh from t…