Major Mortensen

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Rules by Atrotos

Major Mortensen's crude mannerisms and callous disregard for authority have earned him no friends and attracted dangerous enemies. The Major is a hard man tortured daily by the memory of his homeworld's destruction and the fiery aftermath that flensed the skin from his body. He has all but forgotten what it means to be human incapable as he is of feeling pain or pleasure through his ruined nerves. Bereft of all natural comforts he has nothing to lose - a factor that plays a singular role in his fighting style and strategies.

You may replace one Storm Trooper Sergeant in your army with Major Mortensen at + 100 pts.

Major Mortensen of the Redemption Corps


Unit Type: Infantry (unique)

  • Carapace Armor
  • Hot-shot Laspistol
  • Storm Blade
  • Meltabombs
  • Frag Grenades
Storm Blade: A cruel, serrated short sword used to hack the enemy into pieces at close-quarters. It confers the Rending special rule to any attacks made with it in close combat. 

Special Rules:
  • Redemption Corps
  • Feel No Vrekkin' Pain
  • Fearless (is conferred to his unit)
  • Special Operations
  • Deep Strike

Redemption Corps: An elite unit, these soldiers go where regular troopers dare not to get the job done. In an army that includes Mortensen all Storm Troopers replace their close combat weapons with Storm Blades and gain the Relentless Universal Special Rule.

Feel No Vrekkin' Pain: Major Mortensen has no functioning nerve endings leaving him inured to pain and able to withstand withering punishment before succumbing to his wounds. This rule grants him +1 to his Toughness (included in his profile) as well as the Feel No Pain special rule.

Yes, I did just finish reading Redemption Corps...


When do you move for Redemption Corps?
Atrotos said…
I was thinking in the assault phase before any assaults are declared. Would that work? It's meant to be like the Storm Trooper move from Flames of War.
Master_Bryss said…
A solid ruleset. This is just me, but I would have made him T3(4), as having no nerve endings will not save you from a multi-laser to the head. It's fine as it is however.
It seems a bit broken tbph. Should be more like Jetbikes and charge or movement, or just be an increase to their charge movement.

Also, I assume Inquisitional Stormtroopers don't benefit?
Atrotos said…
Atrotos said…
I welcome your criticism, would you mind elaborating on what you find to be broken? Wouldn't a full 6" move a la Eldar Jetbikes be more broken than just a D6" move?

And no Inquisitorial Stormies don't benefit until they're brought in line with the new ones.
abusepuppy said…
I'm not sure it's "broken," but it's a pretty huge deal because it means that he effectively assaults 6+d6" and can JSJ like Tau units can. These are both very powerful abilities, and combined with Rending in CC they offer some major possibilities.

On the other hand, Stormtroopers are absolute trash to start with, so it may be balanced anyways. Personally, though, I would find another way to work the mechanic, since it doesn't mesh well with the 40K rules as they exist. Maybe give them Fleet and the ability to fire their pistols (and/or rifles) even when they Run?
Atrotos said…
Ok I've given them Relentless instead - this will allow players to Rapid Fire before assaulting and ties in well with the theme. It's a big boost but as you pointed out it's one that Stormies are very much in need of.
Anon said…
Broken, I think. Or at least open to abuse. I would limit it:

Taking the Major allows (1 or 2, maybe?) units of Storm troopers to replace their CCW with a Stormblade.
Atrotos said…
Broken because they get rending?

10 ST's on the charge -> 30 Attacks -> 15 hits -> 2.5 rends

Just not that hardcore really. Especially at 16 points a model.
sabreu said…
As a unit upgrade character, I am finding his army wide buffer ability to be misplaced. While he is an appropriately costed character with a great purpose and focus, I think he may very well be better suited as an HQ character as written. If he were to be changed to effect just one storm trooper unit, his price tag could go down considerably and remain an unit upgrade character without further amendments.