Thursday, 20 May 2010

Brave Gobbo

Ork Rebel Grotz
Rules by Master Bryss
On the battlefields of Armageddon there exists a great hero of the Gretchin. A Gretchin that lurks in the background, barking orders to Zzap Gun teams and generally bringing down his targets. At the same time he maintains discipline with his Draconian methods and trains others to follow in his footsteps. He is Brave Gobbo.

A Zzap Gun battery may be joined by Brave Gobbo instead of a Runtherd for +25 points. He counts as an extra crewman.


Wargear- Grot blasta, Kommissar's Kap

Kommissars Kap: This cap was looted from a dead Imperial Commissar and gives Brave Gobbo an aura of discipline. Should his Big Gun team fail a Morale Check, he will execute a member of the squad, allowing the squad to pass the test.

Special Rules:
(Instinktiv Beaveyoor: We knows wot ta do!): This rule applies when Instinktiv Beaveyoor is being used. Brave Gobbo’s Beaveyoor replaces the squad’s normal Instinktiv Beaveyoor, even if he dies.

Wait for it, wait for it... NOW!!- Brave Gobbo's Zzap Gun timing is legendary, and Grotz trust his judgement over their own. After rolling the 2D6 to determine the Strength of the Zzap Guns, you may add or subtract an extra D3 from the score. Note that the Zzap Gun cannot decrease below S1, and will overheat as normal if the extra D3 puts the Strength over 10.

Apprentice- Should Brave Gobbo be killed, roll a D6. On a roll of 3+, a Grot will pick up his Kap and Blasta and assume his position. This Grot now has the same rules as brave Gobbo, but as he is an apprentice:
1)He is reduced to Ld7.
2)He may only add or subtract 1 to the final Strength of a Zzap Gun.
3) He does not have the Kommissar's Kap rule. (he wouldn't kill his mates)

Picture © Games Workshop: Ork Rebel Grotz

With wedding preparations consuming his every moment a certain admin has been asleep at the wheel. Luckily Master Bryss is here to pick up the slack and show us once again his knack for fun and characterful rules design. 

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