Imperial Guard Tank Commander

Rules by Paul

Imperial Guard Tank Commander – 90 pts. + Vehicle 
An Imperial Guard Tank Commander is an HQ choice for an Imperial Guard Army

TypeFront ArmorSide ArmorRear ArmorBallistic Skill

Must choose a vehicle from the following list:
Leman Russ Battletank – 150 pts.
Leman Russ Exterminator – 150 pts.
Leman Russ Eradicator – 140 pts.
Leman Russ Vanquisher – 155 pts. 

Special Rules:
Lumbering Behemoth (see Codex: Imperial Guard)

Armored Senior Officer:
    This model may give any of the following orders to any Tanks in his army, but may only give three orders per turn. Assume all tank commanders are Ld. 8 for the purposes of orders. With the exception of Tanks to the Front! all orders are given in the Shooting Phase. Orders may be given at a range of up to 24". If the Tank Commander is within 12" the leadership test made for any order may be re-rolled.

  • Execute Ferrus Tempestuous! – Tanks and squadrons which received this order count their weapons as twin-linked when shooting at an enemy model with an Armor Value this shooting phase.
  • Volley Fire – Any failed rolls to wound against Monstrous Creatures by a tank or squadron given this order may be re-rolled, or if firing against enemy vehicles, you may re-roll on the damage table - but you must abide by the second roll, even if it is worse.
  • Cannonade – Any tank or squadron given this order count their weapons as Pinning for this shooting phase. The target unit suffers a cumulative -1 to it's leadership for each tank in the squadron for the purposes of its Pinning check. 
  • Hull Down, Incoming! – Tanks and squadrons given this order gain the stealth USR (adding +1 to their cover save if they already have the rule). In the following turn the vehicle counts as having suffered a 'Crew Shaken' result in addition to any other damages.
  • Tanks to the Front! – In squadrons given this order, any Leman Russ vehicle moving at cruising speed may roll 3 dice and pick any for their Lumbering Behemoth movement.
  • Crush them under-tread! – Any unit tank shocked by a tank or squadron which received this order suffers a cumulative -1 to its leadership for every tank (from the same squadron) which makes contact during the Tank Shock.
Armored Command Vehicle:

For each Tank Commander taken, 1 Leman Russ Tank Squadron may be taken as a Troops choice at normal cost. Note that vehicles may not score, even if they are Troops.
    What I cannot crush with words . . .
      For each FULL squadron of Leman Russ tanks in one’s army, a single enemy unit of the Tank Commander’s choice suffers -1 to its Leadership to a minimum of 7.

    • Heavy Bolter
    • Searchlight
    • Smoke Launchers
    • Main gun – see the tank’s unit entry

    Any other wargear may be purchased for the Commander’s tank from the tank’s unit entry.

    A great solution for those treadheads out there. Getting an opponent to play with the Armored Battlegroup list can be a little difficult. This entry gives the treadhead just as many Leman Russ chassis without resorting to a whole new ruleset. 


    Atrotos said…
    Can he give any vehicle orders or just Tanks? Or maybe just Leman Russ variants?
    vodswyld said…
    Love the site, love many of the rules. I am working on a set of conversions for the IG myself, and was wondering if I can talk to you about some of em and maybe submit them.
    Atrotos said…
    Good eye TSINI. I'll def be making some changes based on your observations.
    Atrotos said…
    Do you think the FOC change is necessary? Platoons will be scarce anyway since spare points will be hard to come by.
    Q_Paul said…
    I like your changes! The only thing I would add is the Hull Down, Incoming! order and my reasoning behind writing it.

    What it is supposed to be implied by "Each tank may only act next turn as if it had a crew shaken result" is the downside of Hull Down, Incoming!. In the same sense that going to ground / the Incoming! order does not let you act in your next turn, so too can the tanks only act as if they had suffered a Crew Shaken result.

    It has no effect on what the enemy rolled on the Vehicle Damage table. It's the downside of having to batten down the hatches and move the tank into a better position before firing again, just like models which are gone to ground are disabled.
    Atrotos said…
    I think we're still missing an order that will let Tanks that are Stunned or Shaken fire their weapon. Either that or have a buffer zone around the command tank that ignores Crew Shaken as in AB.
    Q_Paul said…
    I was thinking of adding that. I am not sure. Here is the rough outline:

    Engage and Destroy! (or something)- Tanks that received this order and suffered a 1 or a 2 on the Vehicle Damage Table during the enemy turn may ignore the effects of the damage.
    Q_Paul said…
    The only problem with making it a set radius like the Armored Battlegroup one is the abuse of the Hull Down, Incoming! order, since the tanks given that order would ignore the downside if they were within certain inches.