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Imperial Guard Tank Commander

Rules by Paul
Imperial Guard Tank Commander – 90 pts. + Vehicle
An Imperial Guard Tank Commander is an HQ choice for an Imperial Guard Army

TypeFront ArmorSide ArmorRear ArmorBallistic Skill   Tank1413104
Must choose a vehicle from the following list:
Leman Russ Battletank – 150 pts.
Leman Russ Exterminator – 150 pts.
Leman Russ Eradicator – 140 pts.
Leman Russ Vanquisher – 155 pts.

Special Rules:
Lumbering Behemoth (see Codex: Imperial Guard)

Armored Senior Officer:
This model may give any of the following orders to any Tanks in his army, but may only give three orders per turn. Assume all tank commanders are Ld. 8 for the purposes of orders. With the exception of Tanks to the Front! all orders are given in the Shooting Phase. Orders may be given at a range of up to 24". If the Tank Commander is within 12" the leadership test made for any order may be re-rolled.
Execute Ferrus Tempestuous! – Tanks and squadrons which received this order count their weapons as twin-linked when shooting a…

Force Organization Chart - The Theme Killer.

By Atrotos
In 4th edition Warhammer 40,000 it wasn't uncommon to find an army consisting of two bare minimum Troop selections and maxed-out Elites and Heavy Support slots. Today we usually see a healthy amount of Troop selections due to the fact that 5th edition is objective-centric and many would seem to agree that the issue of negligible FOC restrictions has been successfully overcome. However another question arises now that Troops ares so critical to the game. Namely "why does Brother Casor hold an objective where the venerable Brother Autolochus can not?"

In 4th edition Troops were meant to represent the bulk of any army. Thus it made sense that a conventional Space Marine Chapter relied on Tactical squads to secure gained territory whereas the Deathwing, being of a different Organization, relied on its Terminators to do the heavy lifting. 

This mentality worked well in 4th ed. but was mercilessly circumvented to the point of near irrelevance. Now 5th ed. has forced th…


Rules by Master Bryss Haling from Vior’La, Ga’Lad is an exceptional Tau Commander. He has the honour of testing a prototype of a new battlesuit, officially designated the XV99 ‘Lancer’ battlesuit. This suit is equipped with a large force shield as well as an adaptable railgun able to give him the capacity for assault. Ga’Lad secretly sympathises with the renegade Farsight, and seeks to mirror, if not better, his efforts to change the outlook of the Tau Empire. Ga’Lad can be used as the 1+ Commander in a Tau army. Cost...185 points WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv 5 4 5 5 3 4 3 10

Codex Review: Chaosgerbil's 'Lost and the Damned'

Part of the 40k rules design process is being aware of other designers' projects and endeavors. Recently Chaosgerbil came by and announced his first custom codex effort, Codex: Lost and the Damned. Today I had some free time and so I decided to review this excellent piece of work. Here are some of my thoughts:


Chaosgerbil has obviously put a great deal of work into the Codex's presentation. A colorful, original cover as well as sporadic decoration throughout the codex itself immediately distinguishes the document as a product of exceptional effort. Details such as clear, uncluttered Header/Footer formats, Table of Contents and effective Stat Tables makes reading the document far easier to read than less developed custom rules efforts.

I will say that I wish Chaosgerbil had put just a little more effort into mimicking GW's 5th edition style. It would have taken relatively little time to put a Warhammer 40k logo and codex border on the cover for instance - a small…

Chaos Androids

Image is Bryss’ own miniature, converted out of...stuff. Rules by Master Bryss  Chaos Androids are machines built by siege-orientated Renegades such as the Iron Warriors. These machines house Daemons, which are never too pleased at being inserted into such small vessels and will often take out their fury on anything close to them. Cost: 80 points per model. Androids are an Elites choice for a Chaos Space Marines army. WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv 3 3 5 5