Stelek Bannus, Warleader of the Kaargul Clan Company, Iron Hands Chapter

Rules by Atrotos

Having been rescued from the clutches of the Dark Eldar, gravely wounded and clinging to life by a thread, Stelek Bannus was given the ultimate gift by his Chapter - Internment. Bannus re-awoke from stasis as a Dreadnought, a venerated Warleader of his clan and one step closer to the perfection of the Machine.

Stelek Bannus - 270 points
WS BS  S  FA SA RA   I  A 
 6    5   6  13 12 11   5  4 

Unit Type: 
  • Walker (Unique)
  • Conversion Beamer
  • Dreadnought Close-Combat Weapon with built-in plasmagun. 
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Searchlight
  • Energy Deflector
Energy Deflector: Enemies attempting to fire upon Bannus in the shooting phase must reduce the range of their weapons by 6 inches.

Special Rules:
  • Venerable 
  • Armored Hurricane (see Legendary Dreadnought entry)
  • Master of the Council (see Legendary Dreadnought entry, stats already modified)
  • Implacable 
  • Chapter Tactics - Iron Hands
Implacable: Bannus ignores any Crew Stunned or Shaken results. He is Slow and Purposeful. In addition Bannus ignores the first 'Immobilized' result he suffers - instead reduce his Slow and Puposeful movement roll by 1D6. The second 'Immobilized' result must stand. 

Chapter Tactics: If you include Bannus in your army then all units with the Combat Tactics special rule exchange it for the following: 
  • An additional save similar to Feel No Pain but modified in that it is only successful on a D6 roll of '6'.
  • Units in power armor but not on bikes may replace their Sergeant with a Terminator or Assault Terminator at + 15 points. Sergeants upgraded to Terminators (but not Assault Terminators) may purchase a Heavy Flamer at + 15 pts, Assault Cannon at + 20pts or Cyclone Missile Launcher at + 25 pts. Assault squads and Vanguard squads with Jump Packs may not upgrade their Sergeants in this way.
  • May take a Drop Pod at + 35 points.

Note: Any Space Marine army that includes Stelek Bannus endures the following force restrictions: 
  • Assault Terminators Squads, Terminator Squads, Scouts and Scout Bikers may not be taken
Note: Any Dreadnoughts taken as Troops under Bannus' "Master of the Council" rule count as Scoring. 

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As a kind of "Thank you" to Stelek for ********* all over the Chapter Tactics entry I've begun this new range of characters with his name in it even suspending Bryss'  Chaos Androids entry to post it. I confess I'm no more confident about this entry than I was about the previous iteration of the Iron Hands. I need the community's help on this as always.


Atrotos said…
That's me trying to make the entry unique.

Also this entry suffers from the physical limitations for being a single model - all those extra abilities you pay for won't count for diddly when a meltagun blows you up. I know it's crude though so I'll try to think of something else.

I can't reduce this guy to 200 points! Did you miss the +1T to everyone?

I think you're right about the Termies though I was leaning toward NO heavy weapons for simplicity's sake.
TheKingElessar said…
You didn't give Stelek a Meltaweapon... ROFLMAO.

I think Energy Deflector is a bit OP, and that is especially so with the Ignores S&S thingy. I think you could just drop the Deflector, and reduce the cost to 200.

Also, I don't like the 'every third' mechanic for Termies. Just give them all the option, but make it 15/20/25 points.
Admiral_Drax said…
Can't really comment so much on the mechanics of this, but I like the concept!
Master_Bryss said…
No Lord of the Armoury?

I don't really like what the Tactics have become. You are NOT a Plague Marine just because half your arm is metal. I prefer the weaker FNP.

Terminator Sarges in all squads, yes, I approve. However you need to put in a sentence disallowing them in Jump Pack squads. And remove the one in three limit. Puts them more on par with Wolf Guard.

As well as new characters, another option could be putting a cost on the Tactics regarded as too powerful to just get for free, and allowing the player to pay for the extra power of the Tactic and still allow you to only use a regular Captain.
Master_Bryss said…
And another thing... dibs on doing a Lone Wolf style Legion of the Damned character!
Atrotos said…
Ok more changes were made on this difficult entry. I think we may be close to the desired result at this point.
Muskie said…
What is the cost of this super dreadnought commander? I think you should convert the model first before dreaming up rules...
Muskie said…
What is the desired result?