Resistance Battle

Rules by Master Bryss
When a world is occupied by enemy forces, some of its inhabitants will often band together, creating a crude fighting force with the objective of forcing their enemy to leave. Alternatively, a small strike team could be inserted onto a world with the same purpose, something heroes such as Commissar Gaunt of the Tanith 1st and Raven Guard Captain Shrike have been known to do. Whatever the reason, these forces will do battle with armies that greatly outnumber themselves, and attempt to seize victory by a mixture of pre-emptive strikes, infiltration and terror tactics.
Armies: One player (the Resistance) controls a single squad of Troops worth up to 200 points. The other player (the Enemy) controls a 1000 point army.

Table: Set up a 6’ by 4’ table as normal. The Resistance player deployhis units within 6” of a long board edge, and the Enemy deploys his within 12” of the other.
GameThe Resistance player always goes first. Play until the Resistance is dead or until 75% of the Enemy’s units have been wiped out.
Game Rules:
Skirmish Army: Each model in the Resistance army moves as a single unit. At the end of the Movement Phase, models within 2” of each other may form a squad.
Stratagems: The Resistance will try many tactics to outsmart their enemies. The Resistance player has 8 Stratagem points to spend. Stratagems are as follows:

1 Stratagem Point:
Snipers: Up to 3 models in the army gain a sniper rifle for free. This replaces one of their existing weapons.
Blast Corps: Up to 2 models in the army gain Melta Bombs and a Demolition Charge (range 6”, Strength 8, AP2, Assault 1, Large Blast, One Shot.)
Stowaways: The enemy gains an extra Dedicated Transport chosen by the Resistance player. Any number of models in the Resistance army (up to the transport’s capacity) may enter play from that transport on Turn 1.
Lurkers: The entire army gains the Infiltrate rule
Scouts: The entire army gains the Scouts rule
Mole: The entire army gains the Preferred Enemy rule

2 Stratagem Points:
Resistance Leader: Select one model from your unit to be the overall leader of the Resistance. He gains +1 Wound and Ld10, and any Resistance model with line of sight to him is Fearless.The model selected cannot be a Resistance Hero or Warrior.
Resistance Hero: Select one model from your unit to be a Hero Of The Resistance. He gains +1 WS, BS, A and Ld. The model selected cannot be a Resistance Leader or Warrior.
Resistance Warrior: Select one model in your army to be trained in an ancient fighting style. He gains +1 S and I, and a 5+ Invulnerable Save.The model selected cannot be a Resistance Leader or Hero.
Quake: The Resistance player may select one game turn, chosen before deployment, for there to be an earthquake. During that turn all models in the enemy army move as if through Difficult Terrain.
Rigged Explosives: Before deployment, the Resistance player may secretly select one terrain piece to be pre-rigged with explosives. When an enemy unit moves into this terrain, all the models in that unit take an S9 hit with no Armour or Cover saves allowed, and the terrain is replaced with a ruin or a crater. Vehicles are hit on the rear armour.
3 Stratagem Points
Combined Attack: The Resistance player may select an additional Troops unit worth up to 200 points.
Looted Vehicle: The Resistance player may purchase a single vehicle from the Enemy’s Codex worth up to 200 points. However, it may only move on a 3+ in the Movement Phase as the Resistance get used to the controls
Off-World Reinforcements: The Resistance player may select an Elites unit worth up to 200 points from any Codex. This unit must enter play by either Outflanking or Deep Strike, even if it cannot normally do this.


Master Bryss said…
Some of the fluff text seems to overlap.

I love this scenario as it gives more scope for battles, I can imagine a fight in a bustling hive with people running in all directions. Then the monorail blows up and the fight begins...
Sabreu said…
I absolutely freaking love this scenario! I can imagine an elite crack team rallying pockets of resistence against an Ork held world, fighting against the overwhelming odds stacked against them using their weapons and their wit alone. Rynn's World anyone?
Atrotos said…
Yeah this scenario is full of imagination and I love the army building exercise it presents.