Ork Hunters

Rules by Shawn Abreu

" Soldiers from the Ork Hunter regiments are savage warriors and in their short history have already earned themselves a fearsome reputation. Squads need to operate in isolation for many weeks in the jungle and frequently return to base with grisly trophies taken from the Greenskins they have slain. These trophies often take the form of Ork tooth necklaces and skulls as well as more mundane items like glyphs and stikkbombz. In addition to his normal equipment every Ork Hunter also carries his ‘scalper’, a huge machete-like weapon that can be used to decapitate an Ork with one blow. Their feral appearance and coarse manner has led to the Ork Hunters being regarded as little better than the Orks they hunt and earned them the enmity of many regiments."

Shawn Abreau's debut rules - interesting, well presented and seemingly well balanced. Revised version is now up.


Atrotos said…
A couple of stylistic points:

- I would give them the 'Stealth' Special Rule rather than Camo Cloaks - it seems more fitting to their Catachan nature

- I don't like special rules that only work against specific opponents. "Preferred Enemy: Orks" could have been "Preferred Enemy: units with furious charge" written in the guise of a new special rule. That way it's useful against all Orks but other opponents as well.
Derina said…
I would of added Ork guns to the weapon list.
Master Bryss said…
I agree with Atrotos in that camo cloaks don't fir. Plus, cloaks aren't really the most practical thing to wear in close combat.

Derina, as fun as that would be, I compare Ork gunz to old mobile 'brick' phones, they do the job but will be quite a bit heavier than the lasgun. Orks can use them as they have the muscle. At least thats what I think.
Derina said…
I remember in a WD they did have Ork weapons.
Sabreu said…
Hey guys! Thank you for the input! I'll address your points:

- The Stealth USR was a better fit, so I changed it in the update.

- Atrotos, I have to say I disagree on an individual level. I really enjoy specific rules such as preferred enemy, especially considering the nature of this unit. More practical themes, like Deathwatch, and I could easily agree to a universal natured rule, but here I feel the Ork Hunters expertise should remain towards Orks, and only Orks. It wouldn't make much sense to me if they could fight against 'nids as easy! =D

- Derina, It was first featured in WD and later recollected in Chapter Approved 2003. Pertaining to the rules themselves, I just think adding those weapons as they appear now in Codex: Orks would just add a level of redundancy, or completely over shadow the IG shotgun (especially now that Shootas are assault 2). I personally feel this is better left as an aesthetic modelling perk.

Thanks again for your comments. I've enjoyed reading the other entries here and now that I have time I'm looking forward to playtesting these rules!
mp12 said…
Hello there. I think you've done a really good job with this layout. It's a nice variation on the normal platoon, and it fits in well with the design philosophy of the latest Guard Codex.

What I like about it also is that you've left enough space for further modifications - you've styled them as updated Ork Hunters, which is cool, but they could quite easily be the following as well:

- Hunters - put in the Xenos species of your choice. I can see 'Nid Hunters in particular being viable.
- Engineers - I think what you have there is almost the perfect setup for a 'proper' Combat Engineers platoon, with only very minor modifications - for example, replace Preferred Enemy with built in Carapace Armour, and put in the option for Melta-Bombs.

Overall, good work, mate
kelterran said…
Some minor thoughts:

1. Just a real minor change to help prevent any rules lawyering (I'm probably the only person would think about those things for homebrew rules, but oh well). You may want to change "up to three Guardsman may be armed with" to "up to three Guardsman may exchange their Las pistol and/or close combat weapon". That is unless you intended for them to keep their +1 attack due to an extra close combat weapon, but I think that would be a little bit strong for Guardsman. In the very least, it seems a little bit strange since every other unit that gets a special weapon option actually has to replace an existing weapon with the special weapon (i.e. they always end up with the same amount of weapons per model).

2. Also, what's with the 12 point plasma instead of the 15 point plasma? I'm just curious.

3. Again, thinking about rules lawyering again (I know I'm nitpicking, but I think that it helps in the long run for rules) - You have a heavy weapons team that has a heavy flamer. How does this work for assaults? Normal Heavy weapons teams don't have close combat weapons and pistols so they don't benefit from an extra attack. Also, 5th ed IG have only one model armed with a heavy flamer for +20 points. What is your reasoning for doing it different than this?

4. For the scout sentinels. I'm assuming that you mean individual scount sentinels and not a scout sentinel squad?

5. If this is a platoon, shouldn't it have some form of leadership like the Platoon Command Squad is for a regular IG platoon?

6. Given the amount of special weapons available to this unit, I feel like there may be a lot of overlap between special weapons squads (yes I know they cost less) or veterans (yes I know thay have a higher ballistic skill). Perhaps have one less special weapon especially since they can also take a heavy flamer already? If you did that, you may be able to lower the points cost a tad as well since it wouldn't have quite the same damage potential. Plus, I'm still debating if it is too powerful to have access to 4 template weapons in the same unit - especially since even veterans have less than that.

Otherwise I like.
kelterran said…
About Preferred Enemy: I don't think that is what Atrotos was saying exactly. Yes, Atrotos did want to broaden who the rule worked for in order to make it so that it didn't give such a specific advantage against a specific codex - since that effects overall gameplay. However, his suggestion was still focused on allowing the unit to fight better against units that are similar to Orks (his example being units with furious charge). Personally, I agree with Atrotos on this, but hey, its your homebrew rule - which I do like overall.