IG Doctrines Part 3: Forces of the Inquisition.

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These rules are meant to combine with the Imperial Guard codex as well as existing doctrines (posted here and here) to help players represent an Inquisitor's private force. Since this is precisely the army I play I want these rules to be perfect not only in terms of balance but also in terms of character and narrative. Tell me what you think.

The cost of each Doctrine remains + 30 points.
  • The Threat from Within: The squad is souless. They cast no shadow in the warp and so their minds can not be breached by the thrice-damned heretic. Any unit(friend or foe) within 6" of this unit has their leadership reduced by three. This affect does not stack. In addition the squad may dispel psychic attacks made against them on a 3+.  Available to Company Command Squads and Veterans.
  • The Threat from Without: The members of the squad are merciless, acid-scarred veterans - alien hunters all. They will not brook the alien to live. Any member of the squad equipped with a Krak grenade may use it in close combat to make a single attack against foes with Toughness 5 or more. The attack is resolved at strength 6 with no armor saves allowed. The squad is Fearless in close combat. Available to Company Command Squads and Veterans. 
  • The Threat from Beyond: Witnesses to the most unimaginable horrors these men will never speak of what they've seen lest the common folk learn of what truly lurks beyond reality's curtain. Whenever an enemy unit Deep Strikes within 6" inches of a model with this Doctrine that model's unit may fire upon the enemy unit immediately. Casualties will not cause the enemy unit to fall back or be pinned. Available to Company Command Squads and Veterans.

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Max said…
Threat from Within: needs to be more expensive or seriously tweaked. Ride a Valk up to the enemy lines first turn, a couple of Battle cannons later and the enemy flees off the field. Even at 6" it would be too nasty... maybe make it so that they can't take a dedicated transport (they scare off the drivers!). THEN it would be a nice counter charge unit that would have the added bonus of tension between close to your army and too far away...

Threat From Without: No meltabombs? Awww... Might want to consider offering the xenos (or, even just MCs) the same level of protection as a walker in CC, or at least give a +1 to hit penalty.

Threat from Beyond: excellent upgrade, especially since I think your wording means that transports that they are in won't be able to fire on the target.
Atrotos said…
Thanks for the feedback Max! I'll address your points in order:

1. I really don't think TFWithin does more than a Psyker Battle Squad does. Consider that they have a weaker version of "weaken resolve" that already affects their own units AND it has no real effect on Fearless units and units in Transports (almost everyone). It also needs to be a viable choice when compared to other powerful doctrines.

I agree that it's powerful but not as powerful as other codex choices. Ask yourself if you would invest in this Doctrine compared to a PBS for the same price.

PBS + Griffon = more or less automatic pinning at 185 pts.

Vets + TFW + 3 meltas + Valk = more or less 50/50 chance of enemy unit falling back at 230 pts.

2. 10 Attacks > 5 hits > 2.5 wounds on Toughness 6. The only saving grace of this doctrine is that the squad won't break when the Carnifex munches on 2 to 3 guys so you might *eventually* kill it. Also don't forget that the walker loses its "only hit on a 6" rule when its stunned.

3. Thanks! And you are right only models from the unit itself benefit from this Doctrine.
chickenhawk said…
i love it
abusepuppy said…
I think a single Krak attack is pretty fair, considering it only hits on a 4+. Given the price you're paying, it's not just a "lol take everytime" option.

TFWithin seems a little iffy though, yeah. Not really sure where I sit on it, but it has the potential to be ridiculous. I would tone it down to 6" and call it good. The big difference between this and a PBS is that it affects an area and has no test necessary. A PBS will drive one unit off the field; this + ValkVets will send large portions of most armies fleeing like little girls on the first turn.