Broodlord Prime

Tyranid Broodlord

Rules by Master Bryss
Among the Broodlords of the Genestealer sub-species of Tyranid, they are a select few who possess power and intellect like no other. These Broodlords, also known as Patriarchs are often found at the very centre of Genestealer Cult activity. Their Synapse influence is also powerful enough to command other Tyranid organisms on the battlefield, and they are both terrifying and difficult to face.
A Broodlord Prime is a HQ choice for a Tyranid army.
Cost-110 points.

Unit: 1 Broodlord
Unit Type: Infantry
Weapons and Biomorphs:
  • Rending Claws,
  • Hardened Carapace

  • Take Scything Talons for +5 points
  • Take an Implant Attack for +15 points
  • Take Acid Blood for +15 points
  • Take Toxin Sacs for +10 points
  • Take Regeneration for +10 points
Special Rules:
  • Synapse Creature
  • Fleet
  • Infiltrate
  • Move Through Cover,
  • Independent Character
  • Psyker
  • Inhuman Strength
  • Retinue

Psyker:  A Broodlord Prime has the Aura of Despair, Hypnotic Gaze and Leech Essence psychic powers.
Inhuman Strength: Attacks made by the Broodlord Prime ignore Armour Saves in the same manner as Power Weapons.
Retinue: The Broodlord Prime may take a retinue of either Genestealers (another Broodlord may not be added) or Ymgarl Genestealers. These do not use up a Force slot, and may take options as normal. When accompanied by Ymgarl Genestealers the Broodlord Prime benefits from the 'Dormant' Special Rule described on pg. 61 of the Tyranid codex.


Khorneguy said…
I was gutted when Broodlords stopped being troops choices, a sit meant i had to buy new hqs or use 'counts as', so good call bringing out these rules, you've probably made many 'nid payers evry happy indeed.
Atrotos said…
I'll take it you meant "HQ choices" and yes I agree with you. Master Bryss may be away for a while settling family matters but I know the loss of an 'all genestealer army' is what prompted him to design these rules.

Thanks for the feedback.
TheKingElessar said…
This is pretty solid. Have to confess I don't like the Retinue mechanic, and am loathe to give more praise than 'pretty solid' when I see it. :)
Atrotos said…
Lol fair 'nough. In this case I doubt Bryss included the retinues to make the broodlord un-targetable. Instead I think it's meant to give more FOCs to players wishing to play an all-genestealer force (the only players likely to use a Broodlord HQ anyway).
abusepuppy said…
Looks pretty good overall, although I have say, I'm not a fan of the retinue mechanic, either. Being T5 is a pretty strong protection against PFs on its own, also being untargetable is almost needless.

Also: How would the BLPrime interact with the Ymgarl 'Stealers' "Dormant" special deployment? This is something GW has not clarified but you, if you intend to be creating your own rules, should definitely do.
Atrotos said…
I don't think a Broodlord prime should be something your every day SM sergeant takes out in one punch. The only question remaining is whether or not 110 points is the right number.

Nice catch on the 'Dormant' rule. I'll fix that now.
abusepuppy said…
So... what about Chaos Lords and Chapter Masters? Do you think they should be taken out in one punch? Because they can be and often are.

Retinues are a pretty rare thing these days. In fact, I can't think of a single unit that has gotten one since 5E came out. Maybe the Tyrant + Guard, depending on how you you rule that? But it's a mechanic whose time is come and gone.

If you compare him to a Tyranid Prime, which is a pretty close equivalent, he gets bonus psychic powers (including Leech Essence, the second-best Tyrant power), Fleet, Infiltrate, better stats across the board, and loses... a crappy gun? I don't think he's overpowered, but giving him a retinue just seems like one more thing tipping the balance.
Andael said…
Looks good overall, but I think the option of deploying the Broodlord Prime with Ymgarl Genestealers, is quite unfluffy as the Ymgarl Stealers are rejected by the hivemind. So it would be weird if a synapse creature join them. Or it would be a Ymgarl Broodlord, but that would need different rules.