Planetstrike Defence Stratagem: Daemonculaba For Chaos Space Marines


Rules by Master Bryss

Daemonculaba are vile incubators resembling bloated, deformed women, which are used as a method of creating new Chaos Space Marines. However, the birthing process is not always successful and the resulting offspring will be weak and fragile. These are the Unfleshed.

Cost: 1 Stratagem Point. This Stratagem can be bought more than once.
When declared: Pre-game

The defender sets up a Daemonculaba in addition to any other terrain they may have. It counts as a building with a capacity of 0 and the following profile:

10 10 10  0

Weapons: None

Special Rules:

Incubator: The sole purpose of a daemonculaba is to produce new Chaos Marines. During the defender’s Movement Phase the daemonculaba can attempt to birth new Marines. Roll a D6 and consult this table:
1: Failed spawning- Place D6 Unfleshed within 6” of the daemonculaba.
2-5: Successful spawning: Place D6 New Marines within 6” of the daemonculaba
6: Blessed spawning: Place D6 New Champions within 6” of the daemonculaba.
The spawned models are not scoring units and have these profiles:

            WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
Unfleshed    2   2  2  2  1  3  1   6   -
New Marine   3   3  4  4  1  3  1   8  6+
New Champion 4   4  4  4  1  4  2   9  6+

Unit type: Infantry

  • None. They count as having a single close combat weapon
Special Rules:
  • Rage
  • Furious Charge
The new models are controlled as a normal unit by the defender.

Something new by Master Bryss. Nice to see some rules for the largely underrated Planetstrike Expansion.

Picture borrowed from Games Workshop's Planetstrike - Artwork by a variety of artists.