Markias the Insane, Thousand Sons Dreadnought

Markias the Insane

Rules by Atrotos

"Never too sagacious 
but always in rhyme
I'm perfectly honest 
half of the time

I'll let you go free
I'll shatter your mind
Your world will be safe
Like Prospero mine

Eternity's dull
so let's play a game
My name Markias
They call me insane."

- Markias as heard in the dreams of the people of Ixez IV shortly before their planet disappeared from Imperial space.

Markias the Insane - 210 pts
Makias is an HQ choice for a Chaos Space Marine Army.

 5  5 6 12 12 10 4 3 10 

Unit Composition: 1(Unique)

Unit Type: Walker

  • Twin-linked Lascannon
  • Missile Launcher
  • Smoke Launchers 
  • Psychic Hood  

Special Rules:
  • Psyker
  • Locus of Power
  • Aura of Insanity
  • Silent Entourage
  • Insane
  • Mark of Tzeentch
  • Child of the Changer
  • Markias may take up to two psychic powers available to Sorcerers with the Mark of Tzeentch at no cost.

Child of the Changer: Markias and his entourage automatically pass any Psychic tests they may take. In addition Markias and his Silent Entourage have a 5+ Invulnerable save against all damage excluding Dangerous Terrain Tests.

Locus of Power: Markias is a conduit for the energy that flows through the warp. Feeding of his depraved psychic power the Rubric Marines hasten their step and their eyes glow with calamitous energy.

Rubric Marines within 12" inches of a Chaos Dreadnought with the Locus of Power rule receive + 1 to their Invulnerable Save (3+) and may roll 3 D6 for Slow and Purposeful movements, taking the highest.

Aura of Insanity: Enemies that stray too close to Markia will feel his mind against theirs and will find it to be a labyrinth of nonsensical thought and twisted, burning hatred. Most will find Markia's crazed musings to be all too infectious.

Unengaged enemy models (excluding vehicles that aren't walkers) within 12" of any Chaos Dreadnought with this special rule are subject to the 'Crazed' special rule (Chaos Space Marine codex, p. 40). Simply replace the words "Chaos Dreadnought" with "enemy unit."

Silent Entourage: Just as the Sorcerers spur the mindless Rubric Marines to violent acts of destruction so too does Markias command the empty shells of his ancient brethren with his powerful mind. 

If Markias is taken the Chaos player may take up to three Rubric Dreadnoughts for Markias to command. These are regular Chaos Dreadnoughts, each chosen as an Elites choice, that replace the 'Crazed' rule with the Locus of Power, Aura of Insanity and Insane special rules for + 10 pts. They may take any options available to Chaos Dreadnoughts at the given cost. They are also psykers with the Mark of Tzeentch and may take any psychic powers available to Tzeentch Sorcerers at the cost listed in that entry.

Insane: Markias and the Rubric Dreadnoughts that house facets of his many personalities must each take a Leadership test each turn (all have Leadership 10). If they fail they may not move or shoot that turn choosing instead to monologue and laugh maniacally. Their other rules still apply. 

Note: Markias is designed to lead a pure Thousand Sons force. All units in an army led by Markias should have the Mark of Tzeentch.

Another unit designed to give a competitive edge to those  players that want a more thematic army. Note again that I have undercosted this unit to mitigate the handicap of playing an all Thousand Sons army. 

Picture from - Thounsand Sons Dreadnought


Master Bryss said…
Right, finally this comment thing recognises that I'm Master Bryss!

Rubric Dreadnoughts need a cost increase as you're taking away a drawback and giving back a drawback and two benefits. Other than that, I like this guy.

Also, yay! Plague Marines aren't the best anymore!
Atrotos said…
I intended for the cost of the Rubric Dreads to be covered by Markias cost. Do you think this is too cheap?
Master Bryss said…
You've undercosted him for the benefit of the rest of the Ksons and yet within this undercost he covers the Rubric Dreads? I'm a little confused...

Plus, you might not even buy Dreads, making that a little useless.

How about setting the base cost of a Rubric Dreadnought to 100 points, and modifying the cost of Markias to suit that? Also, if the Dreads help pay for their powers, it means Markias can be taken in smaller games more easily. I play a lot of 1000-point games and if I went mono-Tzeentch I wouldn't get much for my points as it stands.