Konstantine the Wise

Rules by Atrotos

For the mysterious Grey Knights Chapter knowledge and wisdom are assets to be valued above all others. Their fortress on Titan houses one of the largest libraries in the vast Imperium. Cathedral sized chambers stretch for miles underground and unnumbered billions of books dedicated to identifying the denizens of the Warp are stacked in hundred meter tall heaps.

Slowly, implacably, a massive figure moves quietly between the racks, dusting, guarding, reading. It's weighty footfalls shake dust from the ancient shelves where the collected wisdom of centuries of heroes lies in wait until it is needed. Konstantine has not read all the tomes in the great library but he has read far more than any other. When an entity so old it cannot be recalled by any member of the chapter now living resurfaces from the Warp there is one sage that can yet be trusted to know how to destroy it. 

Konstantine the Wise - 270 pts
Konstantine the Wise is an HQ choice for a Daemonhunters army.

 5  5 6(8) 12 12 10 4 4 10

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)

Unit Type: Walker


  • Nemesis Force Weapon (Force Weapon)
  • Psycannon
  • Incinerator
  • Psychic Hood
  • Sacred Alloy 
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Extra Armor
  • Searchlight 
Sacred Alloy: Konstantine is armored by more than just ceramite and steel.

Any time an opponent rolls for Armor Penetration against Konstantine they must subtract 1 from their roll. In addition no attacks made against Konstantine may ever roll more than a single D6 for armor penetration. 

Special Rules:
  • Psyker
  • Grey Knight
  • Teleportation (Deep Strike)
  • Venerable
  • Dark Times
  • Ancient Wisdom 

The Guardian: A psychic power tested for at the beginning of the turn. If successful all Grey Knight Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts gain a 5+ Cover Save for the remainder of the game turn. Should Konstantine suffer 'Perils of the Warp' resolve one glancing hit against him.

Dark Times: An era of darkness indeed if the guardian of the library has been summoned to battle. Each Grey Knight will arm himself with his most precious equipment in the hopes of leveling the odds. 

In a force led by Konstantine any Grey Knight Terminator squad that numbers 8 models may be taken as Troops. These may take a Land Raider, Land Raider Crusader or Grey Knight Land Raider Redeemer as a dedicated transport.

Ancient Wisdom: Konstantine holds within his mind the key to overcoming almost any threat the Grey Knights might face. The Knights will consult him before each conflict seeking to understand their enemy and its weaknesses. 

All Grey Knights in a force led by Konstantine gain the Preferred Enemy Special Rule against foes with Toughness 5 or more. 

This one's for you Daemonhunters. Use it well.

Picture from forgeworld.co.uk - Grey Knight Mk IV Dreadnought


Master Bryss said…
Nice work, these Dreadnought leaders are really quite good.

I don't know much about Daemonhunters, so is his Nemesis weapon a force weapon or just a power weapon?
Atrotos said…
Well it seems they call all of them Nemesis Force Weapons so I guess I'll have to clarify. It's meant to be a Force Weapon same as a GM would have.Thanks for spotting that.
Ahrimaneus said…
As per my comments on the legendary dreadnought, this renders any LR-heavy GK army to indistructable in close combat except by Wraithlords (due to Str 10). I would perhaps recommend instead that the rule of sacred alloy be amended to:

"subtract 1 from any damage result suffered by a vehicle with the sacred alloy special rule. Additionally, the great librarian allows GK vehicles to take Cencers of the Great Cathedral (or something equally epic sounding). In lieu of Smoke Launchers, GK vehicles may take these cencers. They provide a permanent 5+ cover save to ranged attacks the vehicle which takes them as it is constantly shrouded in a haze of blessed incense."

This way, while the GK vehicles and dreads become significantly less prone to popping, they also don't become virtually indestructable to anything short of a railgun (which would only penetrate on a 6...). Meltas would be unable to even glance a raider with the current rules, never mind anything that attempted to kill it in CC. If you allow to trygons to simultaneously assault your landraider, no matter how much you paid for it or how cool it is, it deserves to get blown up, cuz somewhere along the line of staring at both of them for a turn, you screwed up. Perhaps give Konstantine a Paladin shield to make him extra awesome, or perhaps some other sort of "I'm no joke in CC monsters but you CAN (theoretically) hurt me."

PS Atrotos I love this site. You're bringing out all the warhammer nerd thats been bottled up since december.
Atrotos said…
Fixed. Thanks for the help Ahrimaneus, good to see you here.