Imperial Guard Doctrines Part 2: Forces of Chaos

Rules by Atrotos

Mr. Abnett writes excellent novels and a common favorite is the 'Gaunt's Ghosts' series that features a disenfranchised Tanith regiment fighting during the long and bloody Sabbat Crusade. Their main foes in this campaign are the Blood Pact - a twisted, Chaos-worshiping horde of murderous shock troops bent on the reversal of Imperial creed. Over the course of various battles the Tanith face nameless horrors that chill the blood and fire up the imagination:

This is a list of Doctrines designed to represent the deranged forces of Chaos though some could be combined with Imperial Doctrines to represent a totally different force. Each Doctrine costs +3o points:

  • Mark of Khorne: A unit with this upgrade gains + D3 Attacks on the charge and may always regroup regardless of restrictions. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Mark of Slaanesh: A unit with this upgrade gains + 1 to its initiative. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Mark of NurgleThe squad's members add +1 to their Toughness (i.e. Toughness 3(4)). Units with this upgrade receive - 1 to their Initiative.  Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Mark of Tzeentch: A unit with this upgrade must reroll all 'to hit', 'to wound', 'armor penetration', save, leadership and  morale check rolls of '1'. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Cultists: Units with this upgrade do not grant killpoints but lose their 'scoring' status. Their insanity makes them Fearless. Available to Conscripts. 
  • Local Insurgents: Units with this upgrade know the lay of the land and ignore terrain for the purpose of movement. Units with this upgrade that Deep Strike into terrain will not roll on the mishap table. Each squad with this upgrade is equipped with cluster mines as described on page 67 of the Space Marine codex. Available to Veterans.
  • Heretic Bodyguard: The unit is being manipulated by a powerful psyker. Units with this upgrade replace their sergeant with a Primaris Psyker at no extra cost but have their WS and BS reduced to 2. The Primaris is not an Independent Character and may not leave the squad. If the Primaris Psyker is killed the unit is immediately lost but does not count as an extra killpoint. Available to Infantry Platoon squads and Veteran squads.
  • Savages: These primitives ride to battle on wild steeds. Units with this upgrade become Cavalry. Available to Company Command Squads and Rough Rider Squads. Rough Rider Squads with this upgrade are Troops. Company Command Squads with this upgrade may not form Heavy Weapons teams.
  • Dark Mechanicus: Friendly vehicles within 6 inches of this unit ignore 'Stunned' and 'Shaken' results.  Available to Techpriests. 
  • Brink of Possession: Units with this upgrade increase their Strength by + 1. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, Infantry Platoon Squads and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Blood Pact: Units with this upgrade may consolidate into close combat. Available to Veteran squads.

Image of Blood Pact trooper is the property of Black Library. 

Special thanks to SonsofTaurus for his help on all the Doctrines.


sonsoftaurus said…
General - see my comments on the loyalist side regarding combining/vets/Ogryn, same issues/questions here.

*By Infantry Platoon squads do you mean all squads in an infantry platoon - Platoon HQ, Infantry Squads, Conscripts, etc? Restrictions on mixing marks within a platoon?

*MoK - Instead of when under half, why not Rage/FC if defeat an enemy in CC? Do Ogryn consolidate only when take a casualty (as writ), or even when take a wound? How does this interact with regular Ld checks from shooting (take after, or instead of?) and pinning?

*MoN - maybe on a 1 no models come back, or make it d6-1? Make it possible to get nothing, or some restrictions like FNP and WBB have on type of casualties that can be brought back.

*MoT - Ld and Morale too? So Tzeentchians are more likely to break?

*Cultists - is seems too efficient for big squads, and generally if you're combining it's for KP and the no scoring doesn't matter and the no KP is even better. Maybe make it cheaper (15-20) but require all squads to have it in order to combine.

*Transcendant - seems odd.

*Heretic bodyguard - cheap way to get extra Primaris' that don't take up HQ slots. Maybe add drawback that if Primaris dies, entire squad is also destroyed (brains burn out, only kept up by his will anyways, etc.)

*Savages - good, could just as easily be a loyalist one as well for full RR companies. Maybe prohibit Company Command squads from forming HW teams?

*Dark Mechanicus - not really feeling it - maybe instead of a radius he can unlock the ability for vehicles to buy Daemonic Possession at X cost. Not really seeing the dangerous terrain bit, maybe instead give him access to a Machine Curse psychic power?

*Chosen - maybe instead of +1 Str give them ability to regroup even under 50%, or even ATSKNF?

*Blood Pact - maybe instead of the consolidate, have the Grotesks count (for the unit, not individually) as a Platoon Standard, and the unit is Stubborn.
Atrotos said…
Okay maybe I'll fare better on this post.

1.Yes and no there are no restrictions. If the player thinks it's a good idea to mix them all in a 'Chaos Undivided' fashion they are free to do so (and lose every game in the process).

2. MoK was tricky. I wanted them to become more dangerous the more casualaties they took and this seemed to fit. I may yet change it to what you suggest.

3. I'll make so that flame based weapons don't allow them to come back - fluffy don't you think?

4. Yes Tzeentch is a fickle patron.

5. Why would the loss of 'scoring' not matter? I think it's a big blow which is why I made it a 'contagious' doctrine.

6.yeah it is odd. is that bad?

7. Good advice, I'll do that.

8. All the Doctrines are free to any unit so you can mix and match for maximum variety. Good catch on the HW weapons teams - that would have been weird.

9. Indeed those were the first two ideas I had as well but it didn't fulfill my goal of making the Techpriest the buffer character he should be. I think if the bonus was just the ones you suggested people still wouldn't take him.

10. This was more of an excuse to make a +1 Strength Doctrine than anything else. I'll agree that the name doesn't really match. Perhaps 'possesion' would be better?

11. Platoon Standard are kinda lame arent they? I agree that Stubborn would be a good idead but it doesn't mix as well with other doctrines. I'll think on this further.
sonsoftaurus said…
1. Part of the issue with mixing is how do you handle a platoon with four infantry squads with different marks who want to combine into a blob platoon? Get benefits/drawbacks of all? None? Pick one? If nothing else should probably include a restriction that squads with different marks cannot combine.

3. Depends on how you view it/what you want. I understand the zombie/too tough to die appeal, but would Papa really piece them together after a lascannon hit? A powerklaw pulping? A Deathstrike hit or a melta torpedo bombardment?

5. Loss of scoring does matter, in objective scenarios. However with loss of scoring, there's little reason NOT to blob them in those scenarios and make 50 guardsmen Fearless for 30pts. In KP missions doesn't matter if blob or not as far as KP go since don't count, and again blobbing is a good deal.

6. No, odd isn't bad, but would expect ethereal units to have some sort of Inv save or other abilities beyond moving through terrain. Maybe make them "Local Insurgents" and ignore non-impassible terrain due to intimate knowledge of local paths, etc. Maybe include a booby-trap ability too.

10. Hmm, maybe "Blessed"? But Chosen works too, just not sure what was supposed to represent. Heck, maybe give them an "Under the Eye" type table that the fantasy Chaos has/CSM possessed/penal legion, get some minor ability randomly each game depending on the whims of the gods, maybe extra roll if do something really well (kill enemy IC, etc.)
Atrotos said…
Made a few more changes to include your advice and added a 'thank you.'
sonsoftaurus said…
Cultists - if only available to Conscripts now don't need the note about combined platoons (since conscripts just come in one big squad). If it is available to platoons the wording could be clarified to something like all squads must have it to benefit.
Atrotos said…
Ah I was under the impression that Conscripts benefited from the 'Combined Squads' special rule. Just goes to show how ignorrant I am with anything that has less than BS 4.