IG Storm Trooper Officer

Imperial Guard Stormtrooper Sergeant with Plasma Pistol

Rules by Atrotos

Amongst the foolhardy and headstrong indoctrinees to the Schola Progenium a handful will be earmarked by the tutors and weaponmasters for leadership roles. Of those few most will join the ranks of the Commissariat but a small minority will elect to increase their life's hardship to intolerable levels by joining the Storm Trooper Officer Corps. 

These men will become the mortar that holds the Storm Troopers together giving orders and direction in the chaos of battle. Their task is to co-ordinate offenses ensuring that these elite assault troops are always ready to break the enemy line. After all, the 'Glory Boys' have a reputation to uphold. 

Any IG Storm Trooper Sergeant may be upgraded to a Lieutenant for + 20 pts or a Captain for + 35 pts. Any Storm Trooper squad with a Captain counts as an HQ choice rather than an Elite.

               WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
 ST Lieutenant  4  4 3 3 2 3 3 9  4+
 ST Captain     5  4 3 3 3 3 4 9  4+

Unit Composition: 

  • 1 ST Officer

Unit Type: 

  • Infantry 

  • Bolter
  • Carapace Armor
  • Hot-shot Laspistol
  • Close Combat Weapon
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Refractor Field 
Special Rules:
  • Stubborn (conferred to any attached unit)
  • Special Operations
  • Deep Strike
  • Junior Officer* (Lieutenant Only)
  • Senior Officer* (Captain Only)
  • May replace Close Combat Weapon with:
    • Power Weapon...............+10 pts
    • Power Fist.................+15 pts
    • Lightning Claw.............+15 pts
    • Thunder Mace(Captain Only).+20 pts
  • May replace Hot-shot Laspistol with:
    • Bolt Pitsol................free
    • Plasma Pistol..............+ 10 pts
    • Lightning Claw.............+ 15 pts
    • Storm Shield...............+ 20 pts
  • May replace Bolter with:
    • Hot-shot Lasgun............free
  • May take any of the following:
    • Auspex....................+ 10 pts
    • Medallion Crimson.........+ 10 pts
    • Comm-link.................+ 15 pts
    • Macharion Cross...........+ 25 pts 
    • Tempest's Triumph Ribbon..+ 35 pts
    • Honorifica Imperialis.....+ 35 pts

  • For each Storm Trooper Officer you field one squad of Storm Troopers may be taken as Troops. 
  • Squads that include Storm Trooper Officers may take a Valkyrie as a dedicated transport.
  • The presence of Storm Trooper officer suggests the force is primarily made up of Storm Troopers. Storm Trooper forces must adjust the FOC thusly:
    • Company Command Squads may not be taken.
    • Veterans may not be taken, Infantry Platoons become a 0-1 choice.
    • 0-1 Leman Russ variant squadrons may be taken.
    • 0-1 Artillery squadrons may be taken
    • Valkyries, Vendettas and Hellhound variants may be taken as either Fast Attack or Heavy Support. They may not be squadroned. 
    • Any Storm Trooper Squad may take a Rhino as Dedicated Transport. See entry on pg. XX of Space Marine codex.

Auspex: A tracking device used to locate enemies accurately.

If an Officer carries an Auspex his unit gains the Acute Senses USR. 

Thunder Mace: A powerful close combat weapon and an icon of rank. 

Thunder Maces are two-handed Power Weapons that bestow + 1 to the user's Strength and allows the bearer to roll 2D6 when rolling for Armor Penetration. Available to Storm Trooper Captains only.

Medallion Crimson: This Officer is no newcomer to the perils of war, this will not be the first time he has offered his body to gauntlet of battle.

The wearer may ignore the first Instant Death wound taking a single wound instead.

Comm-link: The officer is directly linked to his men via a wireless radio network. 

Officers with this upgrade may give one more Order than would normally be allowed to them.

Macharion Cross: The officer is a peerless strategist and knows his enemies well. He will choose when and where the battle will be fought.

For every Officer with this medal the owning player gains + 1 to the roll for first turn and + 1 to his rolls for reserves. One per army. 

Tempest's Triumph Ribbon: "Once more into the breach..."

The Officer and his squad gain the Furious Charge Special Rule and may re-roll their attacks in any game turn in which they have assaulted. Available to Storm Trooper Captain only.

Honorifica Imperialis: An honor above all others. Those who wear the Honorifica Imperialis are living legends destined to achieve great things. Hives, ships and even entire planets are named after these epic heroes. 

Officers with this medal gain + 1 to their Ld characteristic. In addition, any friendly Imperial Guard model in the same squad will gain +1 Attack. One per army.  

*Note: Storm Troopers Officers' "First rank, FIRE! Second rank, FIRE!" is fully functional with respect to Hot-shot Lasguns

This entry solves two problems: First, it gives people something to do with the model pictured above. Second, it makes an all Storm Trooper army viable (although still not very competitive).Please take into account that I have purposefully undercosted their base points to balance the overcosted ST's themselves.

Well, what do you guys think?

picture from www.games-workshop.com - Storm Trooper Sergeant with Plasma Pistol


Pink Horror said…
Caprain - more attacks than a Lord Commissar or Company Commander, why? And the Note just seems like a backlash against GW's FRFSRF ruling. If Storm Troopers suck (not going to argue too much about that), maybe you should modify the Storm Trooper entry.
Atrotos said…
I wanted to give the impression that the ST's are capable CC troops - more so than any other Guardsmen or Commissars. I felt this was the direction GW wanted to take them having given them a pistol and CCW.

As for the FRFSRF they're senior officers so I had 2 choices 1. Reverse GW's ruling on hot-shot lasguns 2. Scrap the existing orders and make my own.

I take a minimalist approach to rules design. I try to bring about big changes in the 'feel'with as few changes as possible to the existing codex. I find it more interesting, elegant and more easily accepted than simply making ST's cost 12 pts.
Atrotos said…
*'feel' of an army - sorry no edit button
Master Bryss said…
I like it, but I too am unsure about giving a Guardsman six attacks on the charge, especially when Junior Officers and Sergeants have the same number of attacks in the main Codex.

I do like how you've brought back all the old medals you used to get for your Guard, and how it allows for an all-storm trooper strike force. A force made entirely of Storm Troopers will no doubt be great fun to play.
Master Bryss said…
Oh, and I'm Master Bryss, in case it isn't clear. For some reason this thing insists on using my first name.
Master Bryss said…
EDIT: Where are the rules for the Honorifica Imperialis?
Atrotos said…
I know the Attack characteristic is out of the ordinary but, as I like to say, it's a solution, not a choice.

These guys need to cover the CC capacity of a Sergeant + an HQ character. Even with that in mind given a power weapon and Furious Charge a Captain is only taking out 2 MEQs on the charge - not all that powerful.

I forgot to add rules for the HI. I'll do that now.

Thanks for the feedback, Bryss. Wana tell me how the heck your name is pronounced? lol
Pink Horror said…
Patch characters that bring in bonuses to nullify weaknesses are the exact opposite of "more interesting, elegant and more easily accepted than simply making ST's cost 12 pts." I'd be much more inclined to let my opponent use the lasgun order on Storm Troopers than to allow a character that is obviously designed to bend the rules.

And I just noticed now that you're using him to sneak another Vendetta into the army, and he's another character that should NOT be allowed to hide among a squad to have his wounds soaked up. You'll never get tournaments to accept this blog if every creation is meant to be power boosts for power gamers.

Are articles posted meant to be drafts, or balanced rules for people to use right away?
Atrotos said…
1.They're meant to be drafts with a practical amount of balance built-in.

2. I'm not crazy or brave enough to make Vendettas dedicated Transports. The rules says "Valkyrie".

3. Balance is totally subjective and, to make matter worse, I'm trying build a character that works with a codex that was written by someone else. How then can I say that this Officer has to suffer the Independent Character rule when Straken doesn't?

You're correct in labeling this a "patch" character. He is meant to make Storm Troopers a 'competitive' option and he's under pressure to perform as well as other options in the book plus present the player with a unique role that isn't covered by other entries.

Slashing the base cost of STs may work just as well but is it really rules design? Where's creativity and the effort? And what are the odds tournaments are going to accept simple points hacking versus an actual entry?

All that aside I can't say I disagree with you. If you've got a solution you think works better email it to me and it can go up on the site right next to mine.

Thank you for the constructive criticism. It's really refreshing :).
Natalie said…
I don't much like the thunder mace from a comparative standpoint. It's essentially the same as the Axe Morkai, and it feels wrong to me to give a mere storm trooper captain a weapon that is the equal of Logan Grimnar's. Can I suggest instead a two-handed +1S power weapon? That's still quite a bit better than a power fist in many situations (since it isn't striking at I1) and better than a regular power weapon in some (fewer attacks but extra Strength), and doesn't copy the mechanic of what ought to be a very unique weapon. It's also not quite as good as a Blessed Weapon, which feels about right comparatively.
Atrotos said…
I agree with you Natalie and I've changed the entry so that it's no longer a rip-off of Logan Grimnar's weapon.

I wasn't happy with it being just a power weapon with a small bonus (since the Officer can just take a Lightning Claw anyway) so I added a 2D6 Armor Penetration rule to make it unique.
Sabreu said…
I enjoy this entry alot - I can definitely see the merit in it, but I have to ask what's the deal with two levels of the same guy? GW has pretty much moved past the point of having differing levels of characters, and I don't think this Officer should be any different. The ranks should exist as background, and the unit entry simply Storm Trooper Officer.
Atrotos said…
Well the "levels" are meant to represent Senior and Junior officers. GW seperates the two as well the only difference being this entry makes both an upgrade for the same squad rather than a member of two different squads (Company Command Squads and Platoon Command Squads). The junior officer does not have access to as many orders as the senior officer does.
mp12 said…
This is a nice concept here - certainly very characterful. Just a few points though:

-The stats - the multiple wounds are enough to represent a particularly tough veteran - IG characters are more the survivor and leader types than personal engines of death. Make the captain WS4 and A3 - he's there to lead the unit, and provide a bit of extra punch.

If you want to go with the shock/assault theme, you could have the presence of an Officer confer Furious Charge on the unit (as well as himself).

-Slot changes - from Elite to HQ: only if the unit is led by a Captain IMO. Units lead by Lieutenants should stay as Elites.

-Weapons: the Thunder Mace is an odd choice - I can't square the image of a special forces captain going into battle welding something roughly the same size and weight as a gerden spade! XD. Call it a Power Maul (an offensive version of the officer's swagger-stick if you will ;)): one-handed and adding +1 to his Strength only. The'll have him hitting like a Rough Rider's lance on the charge (if he also has FA), and he can brain Space Marines on evens in normal combat - not too shabby for human!

Also, I wouldn't bother with the Lightning Claw or Storm Shield - we're getting into Inquisitorial territory there. Or replace the SS with a Conversion Field for a 4++ save and the ability to use both hands again :)

-Orders - a thorny area this. I can certainly see the logic of the Officer being able to issue them, and TBH, even at AP3, extra S3 shots don't really make much of an impact, what with the prevalence of cover saves as well. It would be nice to see the Officer confer the old 'Iron Discipline' rule as well, so the unit can always regroup no matter what casualties it suffers - also in character IMO.

Nice work
Atrotos said…
Excellent post, allow me to respond:

1. I don't see a perfect similarity between IG and Storm Troopers. ST's should be more CC capable than guardsmen - equal, at least, to the Commissars they went to school with. The ST Officer isn't a standalone character - his rules must make up for the relatively poor performance of the squad if they're going to have any hope in CC.

Furious Charge is available through the Storm's Triumph Ribbon ;).

2. I agree. Changed.

3. The thunder mace is there because, being unable to take melta-bombs the squad needed a way to deal with armor in CC. I can't excuse it realistically speaking but this aint a realistic game to be honest.

Also, Inquisitorial territory is *exactly* where Storm Troopers belong wouldn't you agree?

4. Again I agree. The Iron Discipline really belongs in the Doctrines articles though so I'll add it there when I get the chance.

Thanks for the feedback!
akuro888 said…
OMG. Amazing idea. I'd love to use this, in all honesty. It'd certainly make my killzone team much more interesting with a lieutenant.