Hervald Strom, Champion of the Iron Knights

Hervald Strom, Champion of the Iron Knights

Image made with Bolter and Chainsword Space Marine Painter v5.0

Rules by Master Bryss

Hervald Strom is an accomplished Sergeant of the Iron Knights Chapter. He has attended the annual Feast of Blades twice as Champion and both times emerged as the victor, despite having suffered serious wounds fighting in the Vinculus Crusade the year of the 813th Feast.
In battle Strom uses his superior skills with the blade to overpower his opponents in combat. He is considered by his Chapter to be one of the greatest heroes in their ranks, and he is sure to make his way to the upper echelons of Chapter command someday.

One Tactical Squad, Sternguard Veteran Squad or Vanguard Veteran squad in your army may replace its Sergeant with Hervald Strom. If he is selected in a Vanguard Veteran squad, the squad cannot have Jump Packs.

Hervald Strom...........................+60 points.

 WS    BS   S   T   W   I    A   Ld    Sv
  6      4     4    4    2    5    3    9      3+

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)

Unit Type: Infantry
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Iron Sword
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Power Armour
Iron Sword: This sword was presented to Strom upon his winning the 813th Annual Feast of Blades, his second victory. It is a master-crafted power sword.

Special Rules:
  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Combat Tactics
  • Combat Squads
  • Duelist 
  • One-On-One
Duelist: Hervald Strom's skill with a blade is incredible even amongst the Astartes. He has a 4+ Invulnerable Save in close combat and he may make a coup de grace attack in the same manner as described in the Captain Sicarius entry (Space Marine Codex, p. 85)

One-On-One: If Strom is in base contact with an enemy Independent Character he must direct all  of his attacks at that character and the character must direct all of his attacks at Strom as if Strom were an Independent Character.

The first entry on the site! Strom looks like a solid choice for any Space Marine player looking to spice up a Veteran or Tactical Squad.

Please forgive the poor Stats line - table features are difficult to import.


Master Bryss said…
My first piece for this site is up!

I like the idea of a duelling tournament for Space Marines, so inspired by several melee specialists I made this guy. And he's a two-wounder, which is hard to find these days.
Pink Horror said…
IC-level stats in a sergeant figure... and a master-crafted Talassarian Tempest Blade. The master-crafting seems specifically to get around the risks of choosing a coup de grace. Also, coup de grace is not a capitalized special rule. It is part of the description for that sword.

And why would a dueling sergeant be a two-wound wonder? Librarians only have two wounds now. I know you threw a sentence into the background about fighting wounded, but that dilutes the theme. This should be a guy who rarely gets hit.

If the goal is to create a blog that tournaments accept as nearly-official rules, shouldn't there be some sort of vetting procedure? I'm curious about how this is all going to evolve.
Pink Horror said…
Oh... also, having a dueling hide his wounds among a squad while killing another army's IC is terribly unfluffy.
Atrotos said…
"If the goal is to create a blog that tournaments accept as nearly-official rules, shouldn't there be some sort of vetting procedure?"

Unless I miss my guess you've just started it.

Welcome to the blog.

I'll let Master Bryss defend his own work - my view is that about 85 (60+cost of sergeant) points is a pretty good starting point for this character.
Pink Horror said…
I don't have much problem with the cost. It's about (a) whether this character fits with the rules philosophy of the space marines and the game as a whole, and (b) does his use on the table match the fluff. At a minimum, a guy who specializes in dueling should be vulnerable to wounds from the character that he is dueling against.
Master Bryss said…
The thing about Strom is his rank wasn't actually specified, he was just called a Champion. I've gone for a happy medium between Sergeant and full Captain.

I made the coup de grace part of his rules and not the sword because it's something I feel he should know how to do with any weapon.

I would actually like to add a One-On-One rule now, but I can't edit these posts. It would read:

One-On-One: If Strom is in close combat with an Independent Character, he must direct all of his attacks at the character, and the character must direct all of his attacks at Strom as if he was an Independent Character himself.
Atrotos said…
Added One-On-One Special Rule.
Pink Horror said…
One-On-One sounds good.