Ere? Wot do we do now? Instinktiv Beaveyoor fer Orks

Rules By Master Bryss
Without a leader, Orks will quickly go back to bickering among one other and just do what they think is best. Occasionally an Ork will remember something the Boss said or a voice will come on over a crude comms device and they will become co-ordinated but this is relatively rare.
If you choose to use these rules, the Ork player gains the following army special rules, and the Waaagh! Rule is modified. If an Ork army is used in the Instinctive Behaviour Battle scenario, it uses these rules.
During the Movement Phase the Ork player may choose to declare a Waaagh! During a turn in which the player declares a Waaagh!, their units are not affected by Instinktiv Beaveyoor, and gain the Fleet and Fearless rules.
In addition, Weirdboyz roll for what psychic power they have during the Movement Phase.
 Shouty Boyz
Shouty Boyz’ main purpose in life is to lead from the front, whilst shouting. Their orders inspire the Boyz to do something useful.
Shouty Boyz and units within 12” of a Shouty Boy are within Shouting Range. A unit within Shouting Range is not affected by the Instinktiv Beaveyoor rules and may act normally.
If a unit falls back, it falls back towards the nearest Shouty Boy, and if the unit goes within Shouting Range it automatically rallies, but also takes D3 Wounds, with Armour Saves allowed, as the Boss punishes their cowardliness.
 Shouty Boyz
The following models and units are Shouty Boyz:
  • Warboss
  • Nobz Mob
  • Meganobz
  • Nob Leaders
  • Runtherds (however they may only affect Grot Mobz)
  • Ghazghull Thraka
  • Wazdakka Gutzmek
  • Zagstruk
  • Snikrot
 Instinktiv Beaveyoor
All unengaged Ork models that are not falling back or have gone to ground, must take a Leadership check (you may use the Mob Rule) at the beginning of the Movement Phase.
If the test is passed, the unit acts normally that turn.
If it is failed, the unit reverts to Instinktiv Beaveyoor as follows:
 We knows wot ta do!
Some Orks are given pre-battle orders. The following units do not have Instinktiv Beaveyoor and do not test for it:
  • Big Mek
  • Stormboy Mob
  • Kommando Mob
  • Flash Git Mob (too busy playing with their big shooty gunz to shout at boyz)
  • Non-Walker Vehicles
  • Kaptin Badrukk
  • Mad Dok Grotsnik
  • Old Zogwort
  • Weirdboyz
 Git ‘Em!
An Ork’s most basic instinct is to rush at the foe, all guns blazing.
Units with Instinktv Beaveyoor: Git ‘Em! are subject to Rage, as in the rulebook. During the Shooting Phase they may either run or shoot the nearest enemy unit. Units with Git ‘Em! are:
  • Boyz with sluggas (including Ard Boyz)
  • Burnaz
  • Warbikerz
  • Deff Dreads
  • Killa Kans
 Dakka Dakka Dakka!
Ork units with particularly flashy gunz want nothing more than to shoot them.
Units with Instinktiv Beaveyoor: Dakka Dakka Dakka! may not move in the Movement Phase or assault in the Assault Phase. They must shoot the closest enemy unit in the Shooting Phase. If no unit is in range, they must Run towards the closest enemy unit.Tankbustas are still subject to the Glory Hogs rule. Units with Dakka Dakka Dakka! are:
  • Lootas
  • Boyz with shootas
  • Tankbustas
  • Deffkoptas
Run Away!
Gretchin are cowards, and want nothing more than to flee from battle. Gretchin always fail the test for Instinktiv Beaveyoor and Fall Back towards the closest board edge rather than a Shouty Boy.
For the purposes of fairness, up to 3 Runtherds can be added to a Big Gun Battery at +10 points each. They can upgrade to have a Grot Prod at +5 points as normal. Units with Run Away! are:
  • Gretchin
  • Big Gunz


Atrotos said…
This is a good example of "rules that just make sense."
Master Bryss said…
The rules are based on mob psychology, all Orks should have that! The description reads 'one other', should be 'one another'.

To clarify, I know Big Gunz can already have 1 Runtherd, but if he dies, that's it for the Grotz.

Coming soon: My Grot Character!
TheKingElessar said…
Very amusing...but Runtherds are horribly overpriced. They'd be horribly overpriced if it WASN'T for the majority T rules...but WITH them?!

I suggest 6 points.