Custom Scenario: Instinctive Behavior Battle

Instinctive Behaviour Battle
 Rules by Master Bryss
On a world forgotten by the great Hive Fleets and Ork Waaaghs! of the galaxy the shattered remains of forces that fought on the planet are engaged in a lethal battle for survival. Some remnants of the Hive Mind’s influence or orders from a long gone Warboss remain in the minds of these people, and it is this weak signal they are drawn to. The beasts are in luck. A single ship remains, but only one of the two forces can be reabsorbed into the ongoing war effort in other parts of the galaxy. Sheer instinct will decide who this place goes to...

Armies: Armies are made up of either Tyranids or Orks, use the following rules to create forces:
  • Armies are made up of no more than 500 points
  • No HQ choices are needed
  • No Synapse Creatures/Shouty Boyz
  • No Special Characters
  • No units with the Brood Telepathy/We knows wot ta do rule.
  • You must have at least 2 Troops Choices
  • The rest of your force can be chosen from anywhere in your respective Codex.

Table: Set up a 4’ by 4’ or a 6’ by 4’ table as normal. Deploy your units within 15” of a long board edge. No unit can be within 6” of another unit at the start.

Game: Roll a D6 to decide who deploys and go first as normal. You may attempt to seize the initiative as normal. Play for 5 turns. The player with the highest model count at the end of the game wins. Multi-wound models count for as many models as they have wounds left- so a two-wound Ravener would count as two models.

Game Rules:
Governed by Instinct: All units on the board automatically succumb to Instinctive Behaviour.
Last Commands: At the beginning of each player turn roll a D3. The player selects that many units from their army. For that player turn they may move, shoot and assault as normal.

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Atrotos said…
A nice fast-paced rules set for those of us who don't get a lot of time to play.

Can't wait to see what Ork Instinctive Behavior will be like.
Master Bryss said…
Clue: Similar to Nids but with Orkier names and a penalty for rallying.
Warhammer39999 said…
Sounds like stuffing a bunch of bugs into a box and seeing if they fight. I LOVE IT!