"I Can Feel the Hate Building In You Now..."

The blog is just about ready to take off. As we speak writers and rule designers are hard at work preparing material for your reading pleasure. To that end, one of the questions I've been asked a lot in PMs and emails the past couple of days is "What should I write rules for?"

Well everyone has units in their codex that just don't pull their weight either thematically (Grey Knights) or purely competitively (IG Storm Troopers). There are two ways to address lackluster units such as these:

1. A total rewrite reworking basic stats and special rules with attendant points costing. This takes a lot of time and effort to write and playtest but the results, as well as the process itself, can be very rewarding.

2. A more subtle approach. The addition of a couple of options or a unit upgrade character. Small changes can be easier to work into pick-up games where your opponent is less likely to accept custom builds.

Some units, and this is especially true of special characters and novel protagonists, just aren't there at all. What about Uriel Ventris and Commissar Gaunt? Where the hell is my Deathwatch codex updated to make DW veterans more in line with Sternguard?

There are the patient players out there who are willing to wait. Willing to bide their time until a new codex comes out and their lost units can have a place in the game once more. These are calm, reasonable players who could care less about the competitiveness of their expensive collection of Ogryn.

I am not one of them.

I HATE waiting. I want good rules NOW.

If you're like me go ahead and speak up. Let us know what units you HATE, what characters you want to see added to the game and what rules just never made sense to you.