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Morticus, Vindicare Temple Assassin

Rules by Master Bryss
The Vindicare operative known as Morticus is a veteran sniper specialising in battlefield assassination. Many a time has an enemy commander marched to war only to be shot just before the battle starts, throwing the army into disarray. The bullet fired into the commander will then detonate, eliminating any chance of tracing the bullet to its owner. Such acts show the dedication and intellect of Morticus, ensuring a clean, efficient job, which pleases the master of the Vindicare Temple greatly.
Morticus may be taken as the 0-1 Assassin allowed in Inquisitorial forces. He is an Elites choice that may only be included if an Inquisitor is part of the force.
Cost: 70 points.

Unit: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry
  • Morticus’ Exitus Rifle (with special issue ammunition)
  • Exitus Pistol
  • Power Weapon
  • Spy Mask
  • Stealth Suit

Morticus’ Exitus RifleThis is a normal Exitus Rifle, however shots from this weapon always wound on a 2+ in addition to any other benefits afforded by special ammunition.  Any of Morticus’ bullets have a high chance of exploding inside the enemy’s head! Any To Wound roll of 6+ inflicts Instant Death.
Special Rules:
  • Marksman
  • Independent
  • Fearless
  • Infiltrate
  • Invulnerable
  • Pre-emptive Shot
Pre-emptive Shot: Morticus specialises in battlefield assassination. After units have made any Scout moves and Infiltrators have been deployed Morticus may fire his Exitus Rifle once as normal. This does not affect his ability to shoot normally during player turns.
Image is copyright Relic Studios

Special thanks to MVBrandt for his constructive contributions.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Imperial Guard Doctrines Part 2: Forces of Chaos

Rules by Atrotos

Mr. Abnett writes excellent novels and a common favorite is the 'Gaunt's Ghosts' series that features a disenfranchised Tanith regiment fighting during the long and bloody Sabbat Crusade. Their main foes in this campaign are the Blood Pact - a twisted, Chaos-worshiping horde of murderous shock troops bent on the reversal of Imperial creed. Over the course of various battles the Tanith face nameless horrors that chill the blood and fire up the imagination:

This is a list of Doctrines designed to represent the deranged forces of Chaos though some could be combined with Imperial Doctrines to represent a totally different force. Each Doctrine costs +3o points:

  • Mark of Khorne: A unit with this upgrade gains + D3 Attacks on the charge and may always regroup regardless of restrictions. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Mark of Slaanesh: A unit with this upgrade gains + 1 to its initiative. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Mark of NurgleThe squad's members add +1 to their Toughness (i.e. Toughness 3(4)). Units with this upgrade receive - 1 to their Initiative.  Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Mark of Tzeentch: A unit with this upgrade must reroll all 'to hit', 'to wound', 'armor penetration', save, leadership and  morale check rolls of '1'. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Cultists: Units with this upgrade do not grant killpoints but lose their 'scoring' status. Their insanity makes them Fearless. Available to Conscripts. 
  • Local Insurgents: Units with this upgrade know the lay of the land and ignore terrain for the purpose of movement. Units with this upgrade that Deep Strike into terrain will not roll on the mishap table. Each squad with this upgrade is equipped with cluster mines as described on page 67 of the Space Marine codex. Available to Veterans.
  • Heretic Bodyguard: The unit is being manipulated by a powerful psyker. Units with this upgrade replace their sergeant with a Primaris Psyker at no extra cost but have their WS and BS reduced to 2. The Primaris is not an Independent Character and may not leave the squad. If the Primaris Psyker is killed the unit is immediately lost but does not count as an extra killpoint. Available to Infantry Platoon squads and Veteran squads.
  • Savages: These primitives ride to battle on wild steeds. Units with this upgrade become Cavalry. Available to Company Command Squads and Rough Rider Squads. Rough Rider Squads with this upgrade are Troops. Company Command Squads with this upgrade may not form Heavy Weapons teams.
  • Dark Mechanicus: Friendly vehicles within 6 inches of this unit ignore 'Stunned' and 'Shaken' results.  Available to Techpriests. 
  • Brink of Possession: Units with this upgrade increase their Strength by + 1. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, Infantry Platoon Squads and Ogryn squads of five models or less. 
  • Blood Pact: Units with this upgrade may consolidate into close combat. Available to Veteran squads.

Image of Blood Pact trooper is the property of Black Library. 

Special thanks to SonsofTaurus for his help on all the Doctrines.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Indrick Boreale of the Blood Ravens


Rules by Master Bryss

Indrick Boreale was a Blood Ravens Captain who led the campaign in the Kaurava System. Unfortunately this campaign proved to be his last, and the Blood Ravens commiserate this failure to this day.
In battle Boreale’s preferred tactic was Steel Rain, unleashing a lethal barrage of Drop Pods with payloads of Tactical Marines into the enemy position.

Cost: 160 points

Unit: 1 (unique)
Unit Type: Infantry
  • Artificer Armour
  • Frag and krak grenades
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Iron Halo
  • Rogal’s Fist
Rogal’s Fist: This ancient mace was used by Boreale in the Kaurava campaign. It is a master-crafted power weapon that adds 1 to Boreale’s Strength (included in profile)
Special Rules:
  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Chapter Tactics: Blood Ravens
  • Independent Character
  • Steel Rain

Chapter Tactics (Blood Ravens):Blood Ravens Librarians have 3 psychic powers and 3 wounds. Also, up to two units equipped with power armor and without a dedicated transport may be given the 'Infiltrate' Universal Special rule.
Steel Rain: Boreale’s usual tactic involved the bombardment of enemies with Drop Pods. When rolling for reserves, roll 1 D6 for all the Drop Pods in your army that have not entered by the Drop Pod Assault rule. If the Reserves roll is successful all Drop Pods in reserve enter play.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Legendary Dreadnought

Rules by Master Bryss

A Dreadnought is an ancient and powerful warrior indeed, feared on the battlefield by the enemy and capable of cutting down great swathes of foes. They have earned the respect and admiration of their battle brothers over countless centuries and there are few Marines indeed that do not owe their lives to one their Chapters' Armored Elders.  Reputed for both their linebreaking assaults and tactical acumen the Legendary Dreadnought is a warrior and leader in equal measure.

A Legendary Dreadnought is an Elites choice for a Space Marine army.
Cost: 200 points

WS BS   S   FA SA RA  I  A
5  5  6(10) 13 12 11  4  4

Unit: 1 Dreadnought

Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker)

  • Multi-melta
  • Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon (with built-in storm bolter)
  • Smoke Launcher
  • Searchight
Special Rules:
  • Ancient Warrior
  • Armored Hurricane
  • Venerable
Ancient Warrior: Dreadnoughts are timeless heroes having withstood centuries of bitter conflict to become the cornerstones of their chapters.

In close combat, all successful "To hit" rolls made against a Legendary Dreadnought must be re-rolled. Note that any initial rolls of a '6' to hit ignore this rule.

Armored Hurricane: Dreadnoughts can rotate the top half of their armoured shell to swing their combat weapon in a great arc to hit numerous foes in one stroke. A Legendary Dreadnought may exchange its Attacks value for the number of enemy models in base contact with it in the Assault Phase, but only if it has at least one Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon

Options and Transport are the same as in the Dreadnought entry (see Space Marine Codex), with the following added:

  • A Legendary Dreadnought may exchange its multi-melta for another Dreadnought close combat weapon with built in storm bolter at no additional cost. Thie storm bolter may be upgraded to a heavy flamer at the cost given.
  • A Legendary Dreadnought may exchange his multi-melta for a Paladin Shield for + 40 points. The shield grants the Dreadnought a 4+ Invulnerable save.
  • A Legendary Dreadnought may be upgraded to a Master of the Council for + 35 points. This increases his WS and Initiative by 1. Legendary Dreadnoughts upgraded in this way count as HQ choices rather than Elites and allow the player to take a single Dreadnought as a Troops choice.

Picture © Games Workshop 2010  

Friday, 19 February 2010

Imperial Guard Doctrines

Mr. Cruddace's Imperial Guard Codex is one of my favorite to date. With good choices in every FOC slot the current IG rulebook is a stellar example of the progress Games Workshop has made with respect to Codex writing. Despite this there are portions of the codex that warrant the attention of meddling rules designers such as myself - today we're going to cover Doctrines.

In the last codex Doctrines were a system through which each Imperial Guard player's force could be made unique and characterful. Doctrines still serve this purpose to an extent but have become a sideshow attraction and hardly change the aspect of any army at all.

Of course, it's almost impossible to represent all the armies we read about in novels and other background sources with just one codex - or is it?

Imperial Guard Doctrines and Equipment

The following Doctrines and Equipment may be taken at +30 points for the entire unit:

  • Drop Troops: The squad may be equipped with Grav Chutes, Tunneling Equipment, Teleportation Device etc. They gain the Deep Strike Special Rule and may take Valkyries as dedicated Transports. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans and Sentinels (both types). 
  • PDF: The squad defensive preparations grant it +1 to its cover save (or a 5+ cover save if in the open) until the first time it moves. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Platoon Command Squads, Infantry Squads and Heavy Weapons Squads.
  • Active Camouflage: The squad's armor's light bending quality means that any enemy unit wishing to target them must roll for Night Fighting halving the distance if the Night Fighting rules are in effect. If the roll is failed the enemy unit may choose another target but may not roll for Night Fighting twice in one turn. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Valkyries and Vendettas
  • Guerrillas: The squad gains the Infiltrate USR but may not Outflank. Available to Company Command Squads, and Veterans. 
  • First and Only: The squad is split into 5 Heavy Weapons Teams each armed with one Sniper Rifle. They retain their BS and gain the Infiltrate and Acute Senses Special Rules. Available to Veterans only.
  • Honor Guard: The squad gains + 1 to their Attacks characteristic and one member replaces his Close Combat Weapon with a Power Weapon. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Sentinel Squadrons and Rough Riders. Sentinels that are part of squadrons with this upgrade count as having Power Weapons.
  • Marksmen: The squad's lasguns (or hot-shot lasguns) gain the Rending Special Rule: Available to Company Command Squads, Storm Troopers and Veterans.
  • Commandos: The squad gains +1 to their WS and all their close combat attacks count as Rending. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans and Storm Troopers. 
  • Primitives/Abhumans: The squad may replace their lasguns with laspistols. In close combat this unit may re-roll any failed 'to hit' rolls in any turn in which they have assaulted or if they have won combat in the previous turn. Available to Platoon Infantry Squads and Veterans.
  • Heavy Infantry: The squad gains the Slow and Purposeful USR. In addition every model in the squad may re-roll failed armor and Invulnerable saves. Available to Company Command Squads and Veterans.
  • Urban Warfare: The squad gains the Move Through Cover Special Rule and count as having Flash Grenades. They may carry a Shotgun with Manstopper rounds in addition to any other equipment. Flash Grenades add +1 to the user's initiative on the charge and may be used in addition t Frag Grenades. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans and Storm Troopers.
  • Skitarii: The squad's augmentations grant them a 5+ Invulnerable save. In addition the squad's sergeant or Officer may take a Signum at no extra cost. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Ogryn squads of five or less, Rough Riders, Tech Priests and Storm Troopers. 
  • Tech Guard: The squad's augmentations add +1 to their Ballistic Skill. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders, Tech Priests and Ogryn squads of five or less.
  • Chem-Inhalers: The squad gains the Feel No Pain Special Rule. Available to Company Command Squads, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Rough Riders and Ogryn squads of five or less.
  • Commissar Cadets: The squad's sergeant is replaced with a Commissar at no extra cost. The Commissar has the 'Junior Officer' special rule and may give Orders to his own squad only. He may take any wargear normally available. Available to Veteran squads only. 

Let me know if I missed any!

Stay tuned for IG Doctrines Part 2: Forces of Chaos. 

Ere? Wot do we do now? Instinktiv Beaveyoor fer Orks

Rules By Master Bryss
Without a leader, Orks will quickly go back to bickering among one other and just do what they think is best. Occasionally an Ork will remember something the Boss said or a voice will come on over a crude comms device and they will become co-ordinated but this is relatively rare.
If you choose to use these rules, the Ork player gains the following army special rules, and the Waaagh! Rule is modified. If an Ork army is used in the Instinctive Behaviour Battle scenario, it uses these rules.
During the Movement Phase the Ork player may choose to declare a Waaagh! During a turn in which the player declares a Waaagh!, their units are not affected by Instinktiv Beaveyoor, and gain the Fleet and Fearless rules.
In addition, Weirdboyz roll for what psychic power they have during the Movement Phase.
 Shouty Boyz
Shouty Boyz’ main purpose in life is to lead from the front, whilst shouting. Their orders inspire the Boyz to do something useful.
Shouty Boyz and units within 12” of a Shouty Boy are within Shouting Range. A unit within Shouting Range is not affected by the Instinktiv Beaveyoor rules and may act normally.
If a unit falls back, it falls back towards the nearest Shouty Boy, and if the unit goes within Shouting Range it automatically rallies, but also takes D3 Wounds, with Armour Saves allowed, as the Boss punishes their cowardliness.
 Shouty Boyz
The following models and units are Shouty Boyz:
  • Warboss
  • Nobz Mob
  • Meganobz
  • Nob Leaders
  • Runtherds (however they may only affect Grot Mobz)
  • Ghazghull Thraka
  • Wazdakka Gutzmek
  • Zagstruk
  • Snikrot
 Instinktiv Beaveyoor
All unengaged Ork models that are not falling back or have gone to ground, must take a Leadership check (you may use the Mob Rule) at the beginning of the Movement Phase.
If the test is passed, the unit acts normally that turn.
If it is failed, the unit reverts to Instinktiv Beaveyoor as follows:
 We knows wot ta do!
Some Orks are given pre-battle orders. The following units do not have Instinktiv Beaveyoor and do not test for it:
  • Big Mek
  • Stormboy Mob
  • Kommando Mob
  • Flash Git Mob (too busy playing with their big shooty gunz to shout at boyz)
  • Non-Walker Vehicles
  • Kaptin Badrukk
  • Mad Dok Grotsnik
  • Old Zogwort
  • Weirdboyz
 Git ‘Em!
An Ork’s most basic instinct is to rush at the foe, all guns blazing.
Units with Instinktv Beaveyoor: Git ‘Em! are subject to Rage, as in the rulebook. During the Shooting Phase they may either run or shoot the nearest enemy unit. Units with Git ‘Em! are:
  • Boyz with sluggas (including Ard Boyz)
  • Burnaz
  • Warbikerz
  • Deff Dreads
  • Killa Kans
 Dakka Dakka Dakka!
Ork units with particularly flashy gunz want nothing more than to shoot them.
Units with Instinktiv Beaveyoor: Dakka Dakka Dakka! may not move in the Movement Phase or assault in the Assault Phase. They must shoot the closest enemy unit in the Shooting Phase. If no unit is in range, they must Run towards the closest enemy unit.Tankbustas are still subject to the Glory Hogs rule. Units with Dakka Dakka Dakka! are:
  • Lootas
  • Boyz with shootas
  • Tankbustas
  • Deffkoptas
Run Away!
Gretchin are cowards, and want nothing more than to flee from battle. Gretchin always fail the test for Instinktiv Beaveyoor and Fall Back towards the closest board edge rather than a Shouty Boy.
For the purposes of fairness, up to 3 Runtherds can be added to a Big Gun Battery at +10 points each. They can upgrade to have a Grot Prod at +5 points as normal. Units with Run Away! are:
  • Gretchin
  • Big Gunz

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Custom Scenario: Instinctive Behavior Battle

Instinctive Behaviour Battle
 Rules by Master Bryss
On a world forgotten by the great Hive Fleets and Ork Waaaghs! of the galaxy the shattered remains of forces that fought on the planet are engaged in a lethal battle for survival. Some remnants of the Hive Mind’s influence or orders from a long gone Warboss remain in the minds of these people, and it is this weak signal they are drawn to. The beasts are in luck. A single ship remains, but only one of the two forces can be reabsorbed into the ongoing war effort in other parts of the galaxy. Sheer instinct will decide who this place goes to...

Armies: Armies are made up of either Tyranids or Orks, use the following rules to create forces:
  • Armies are made up of no more than 500 points
  • No HQ choices are needed
  • No Synapse Creatures/Shouty Boyz
  • No Special Characters
  • No units with the Brood Telepathy/We knows wot ta do rule.
  • You must have at least 2 Troops Choices
  • The rest of your force can be chosen from anywhere in your respective Codex.

Table: Set up a 4’ by 4’ or a 6’ by 4’ table as normal. Deploy your units within 15” of a long board edge. No unit can be within 6” of another unit at the start.

Game: Roll a D6 to decide who deploys and go first as normal. You may attempt to seize the initiative as normal. Play for 5 turns. The player with the highest model count at the end of the game wins. Multi-wound models count for as many models as they have wounds left- so a two-wound Ravener would count as two models.

Game Rules:
Governed by Instinct: All units on the board automatically succumb to Instinctive Behaviour.
Last Commands: At the beginning of each player turn roll a D3. The player selects that many units from their army. For that player turn they may move, shoot and assault as normal.

Scenario Template.jpg

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Konstantine the Wise

Rules by Atrotos

For the mysterious Grey Knights Chapter knowledge and wisdom are assets to be valued above all others. Their fortress on Titan houses one of the largest libraries in the vast Imperium. Cathedral sized chambers stretch for miles underground and unnumbered billions of books dedicated to identifying the denizens of the Warp are stacked in hundred meter tall heaps.

Slowly, implacably, a massive figure moves quietly between the racks, dusting, guarding, reading. It's weighty footfalls shake dust from the ancient shelves where the collected wisdom of centuries of heroes lies in wait until it is needed. Konstantine has not read all the tomes in the great library but he has read far more than any other. When an entity so old it cannot be recalled by any member of the chapter now living resurfaces from the Warp there is one sage that can yet be trusted to know how to destroy it. 

Konstantine the Wise - 270 pts
Konstantine the Wise is an HQ choice for a Daemonhunters army.

 5  5 6(8) 12 12 10 4 4 10

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)

Unit Type: Walker


  • Nemesis Force Weapon (Force Weapon)
  • Psycannon
  • Incinerator
  • Psychic Hood
  • Sacred Alloy 
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Extra Armor
  • Searchlight 
Sacred Alloy: Konstantine is armored by more than just ceramite and steel.

Any time an opponent rolls for Armor Penetration against Konstantine they must subtract 1 from their roll. In addition no attacks made against Konstantine may ever roll more than a single D6 for armor penetration. 

Special Rules:
  • Psyker
  • Grey Knight
  • Teleportation (Deep Strike)
  • Venerable
  • Dark Times
  • Ancient Wisdom 

The Guardian: A psychic power tested for at the beginning of the turn. If successful all Grey Knight Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts gain a 5+ Cover Save for the remainder of the game turn. Should Konstantine suffer 'Perils of the Warp' resolve one glancing hit against him.

Dark Times: An era of darkness indeed if the guardian of the library has been summoned to battle. Each Grey Knight will arm himself with his most precious equipment in the hopes of leveling the odds. 

In a force led by Konstantine any Grey Knight Terminator squad that numbers 8 models may be taken as Troops. These may take a Land Raider, Land Raider Crusader or Grey Knight Land Raider Redeemer as a dedicated transport.

Ancient Wisdom: Konstantine holds within his mind the key to overcoming almost any threat the Grey Knights might face. The Knights will consult him before each conflict seeking to understand their enemy and its weaknesses. 

All Grey Knights in a force led by Konstantine gain the Preferred Enemy Special Rule against foes with Toughness 5 or more. 

This one's for you Daemonhunters. Use it well.

Picture from - Grey Knight Mk IV Dreadnought